Transformation is my constant ground

How to sink roots into shifting sands?

What kind of flower am I that has no roots?

I’m like the seed of a dandelion flower

Blowing in the wind

At the whim of whatever current catches me

Though a slight intentional twist and turn can hook me onto the path of my highest delight


What an adventure!  The Mystery!

Just me and the big open wide world out there

The triumphs and the follies

A touch down in a sweet garden bed

Quickly followed by life’s reality check

As the winds pick up again and off I go


I remember what it was like to be connected to that flower

With her roots in the earth

And I long for that comfort again

Though save from indulgence in what has been

If I am to be present with the joys and treasures of my journey

As a seed riding the wind along wild expansive landscapes


At times I question the perfection of this current I’m in

Relief comforts through feelings of where I came from

Shaded over and weeded in

I can remember my feelings then, yearning for a fresh start

Full sun, fertile soil, and other flowers around me with a thriving fragrance

That had the bees and butterflies in dancing frenzies of pollinator’s pursuit


I yearned for views of greater expanse

Gardens of rich variety and companion planting systems of

Succulent velvety beauty and vitality in community

Reflection gives rise to my feelings of perfection

Of this winds guidance and flow

Allows me to ride it out and be with it as a joyful lover


I am a seed in search of a new garden to grow

Inner cultivation is peaking

New growth is budding

The kiss of Spring commands these winds, and off I go