Jasmyn Napheen

About Jasmyn

Jasmyn Napheen is a skilled practitioner of holistic and sensual arts.

Her trainings and practices pull from Chinese herbal medicine, shamanic healing practices, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, meditation, visualization, gemstone healing, physical fitness, dance, yoga, and creativity. She is a devoted practitioner in these realms, and through it has cultivated a sense to see people clearly, connect deeply, and tune into what’s needed and how to create balance, while supporting one’s own authentic personal exploration and expression through mindful sensuality.


She is gifted with presence, empathy, and touch that offers a lasting effect of nourishment to the soul, pleasure to the senses, keys of transformation, and tools for deep relaxation. Wherever you are at, she will meet you, in honor and respect, to care for you through deep vulnerability and the intimacy of her presence.

Jasmyn’s specialty is real connection, depth, emotional intelligence, spirituality, healing, and empowerment.  Clients seek her out who are wanting to experience greater substance in their intimacy, both personal and in relationship.   Healing, development, pleasure, sensuality, relationship, and sexuality are various levels that can be addressed.  A brief consultation by phone can help create the perfect experience for a client, meeting him/her, or them (in couple’s work) wherever is most needed and desired in the moment.

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(FBSM) – An experience of sensual delight and nourishment.  Jasmyn’s touch is healing, intuitive, and will range from deep or light focused pressure.  Are you needing to feel loved and seen? Are you needing to feel grounded and secure? Are you needing a clearing of some kind, or an activation of energy and inspiration? She will customize your session to give you what you are looking for, based off of your sharing before the session begins, and also from her keen intuitive sense of you throughout the session. You are guaranteed to feel renewed and at complete ease upon leaving the session. Read Jasmyn’s reviews to see how others have experienced her work!

1 hour – $300(USD)

Tantra FBSM


(Tantra FBSM) Jasmyn’s preferred session! This is a practice of self awareness, self acceptance, self growth, through the senses, stillness, and the grounded presence. Before connection with another can be truly deep and shared, one must know themselves. If knowing the self is established prior to any level of connecting, it will elevate the shared experience to heights of bliss far greater than if not. It is Jasmyn’s hope, that these practices are taken into people’s personal lives to be supportive guidelines to one’s own process of awakening and even more fulfilling intimate relationships. Read Jasmyn’s reviews to see how others have experienced her work!

Prices are in USD:

  • 1.5 hours minimum, starting at $450

  • 2 hours – $600 (typical session length)

  • 2.5 hours – $750

  • 3 hours – $900


Dinner and Leisure Dates

Let’s enjoy sharing a beautiful and nourishing meal together.  All cultures around the world delight in connection through sharing food and libations, great company and stimulating conversations.  There’s something special about feeding the body, mind, heart and soul all at once. 

Or, let’s enjoy a leisure activity together.  From nature hikes, city walks, shows, events, classes, etc., there’s a wide range of ways we can enjoy an experience together.  It’s an excellent way to take a pause and reflect, wonder, share, and enjoy the finer things in life together. 

I’m a very skilled listener, partially because I’m genuinely interested in people and their lives, and also because my training and work has developed me to be so, in order to be of the most effective service to my clients.  In these experiences I’m available for coaching in lifestyle, relationships, personal growth, intimacy, and communication.  It’s a fun way to receive some focused support in areas of life that are very personal.

$150 USD/hour, 1.5 hours minimum.

Sensual Awakening Retreat for Singles

I am delighted to invite you into this most precious experience that we can create together.  My background is in Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, gemstone healing, energy healing, empowerment, intimacy and relationship coaching, sensual body work, meditation and yoga practice, writing, creativity, shamanic healing techniques, guided visualization, event production, and dance, all of which equips me with a plethora of tools to craft a unique experience, just for you, to optimally support your path. 

This private retreat can be 3-6 nights long, and would be tailored to your wants and needs, which will be determined from an initial consultation to explore what’s possible and available.  I will take charge on finding the perfect Air BnB rental that will ideally support this deep work and leisure time, as well as offer healthy delicious cooking and libations (one of my specialties).  

There will be sensual sessions daily, and other activities of fitness, leisure, nature, creativity, play, practices of movement and meditation, and even time built in for quite solo reflection and/or work if needed (though ideally this is a time that you can take a full break from your work life). It would be such a beautiful fulfilling honor for me to create these experiences for you.

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$1300 USD/day + expenses

Sensual Awakening Retreat for Couples

This is my invitation for you and your beloved to join me, take a pause in your daily routine of life, and step into a customized meaningful retreat experience that will keep the connection fresh and inspired, and perhaps be a support in maintaining or reigniting the sparks of passion in the connection. 

Candles lit, flower petals strewn across the floor, incense burning, music playing, feathers and silks, elixirs, ceremonial baths, the temple is ready to receive you, and serve as a container of delight and awakening for nourishing and refined sensuality and pleasure.  Come with an open heart, an empty mind, and put yourself in my hands to guide you on a journey that is meant to leave a lasting imprint of inspiration in your connection to self and each other. 

It is a deeply beautiful honor for me to facilitate such loving, warm, inviting, and safe space for couples to enjoy together in this way.  The temple awaits you…   

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$2000 USD/day + expenses, 3 day minimum


“What a goddess!  Jasmyn is simply divine.  The touch of her hands is soft and experienced, her eyes absolutely dance with sensual energy, and her voice seduces me into nothing short of a trance.  I could spend hours and hours with her before I realize how long it’s been… and how much more time I want with her!  Locking eyes with her and feeling that blissful surrender is something I will never forget.  Jasmyn, if it was appropriate to fall in love with you, I would do just that!  I want nothing more than to enter your sphere again, let my worries melt away, and absorb myself in your energy.”


“Jasmyn has arrived from several after lives’. An old wise sage, embodiment of a beautiful warrior priestess goddess. Jasmyn is radiating warmth, luminosity, compassion, passion, abundance, kindness, and spirituality. Unconditional love was permeating throughout the entire space.”


“Jasmyn handles her craft very effectively. She communicates well and genuinely cares about her clients, doing her best to tailor her skills to their needs. I recommend anyone that is seeking a multi-faceted approach to sexual/sensual challenges to contact Jasmyn.”


“It’s common in the world of Tantra to refer to women practitioners as ‘goddesses’. With Jasmyn that is not just a figure of speech. I recently saw her for the 3rd time, and the impression I came away with after my first 2 sessions hasn’t changed. In fact, I’m more convinced than ever, Jasmyn is an actually goddess who has come to earth. I don’t why she is here walking among us, but I do know that I am thankful. I’m not sure that she wants us to know that she’s actually a Divine Being, but it’s obvious to me. Her human form is spectacularly beautiful and her touch is sublime, but it’s her eyes that give away the secret. When I look into them I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of compassion, wisdom, and love. Words cannot express what a session with Jasmyn is like, except to say it’s divine bliss.”

Carl S.

“Two words: Heavenly Being! Absolutely AMAZING session! Her looks and her attitude are a 10+! This was my 1st visit to her, and to this work, and from the moment I entered to the moment I left, Jasmyn made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It was an all around very relaxing experience, and a much needed break from a busy and stressful day. She helped me to feel totally at ease, very “Zen”. Thank you Jasmyn!”


“Jasmyn works the art of Tantra through the heart and connects the ability to open ourselves on display. Her touch is golden and her authenticity is undeniable. To spend time in her company is warm and real. She will treat you with great care and value. You are the focus and the light while in her presence.”


“From the moment Jasmyn opens the door and says hello, you will be greeted with perhaps the warmest and most radiant eyes you have ever seen. She is a goddess in the deepest sense: her energy, voice, touch and presence, radiate divine feminine love that is deeply relaxing and healing. You will absolutely feel supported in your exploration of pleasure as it is awakened in your body, and then be guided to feel the expansion of that pleasure to levels you’ve never experienced before. Yes, she is absolutely stunning and sensual, but her physical beauty feels more like a gateway to an inspiring radiance, which flows through her, and draws you into taking a deeply blissful journey and experience. On a practical level she is wonderfully adept at helping you leave the mental world of stress, bringing your full attention to your body through her touch, and tap you into greater waves of delight that will move through you. By the end of your session, you will feel complete, body oozing with peace and joy, and you will feel ready to take this renewed expansive energy of your truest self, out into the world to be shared with others. Consider yourself fortunate if you ever get the opportunity to work with her, you will never forget it!”


“Jasmyn is beautiful both inside and out. I felt totally acceptance in her space and the experience was beyond what words can describe.”

Tom WC

“I just keep going back for more, Jasmyn’s beautiful beyond and very skilled and heart based. I’m looking forward to many sessions with this beautiful goddess.”


“Why are there only 10 stars available for rating for Jasmyn Naphene? There should be thousands! I had a 2-hour session with her, and it was so good I went back the next day. Jasmyn’s face sends me to the moon. Her eyes captured me when I first saw her photo online. She is my Helen of Troy – I would launch 1,000 ships to bring her home! Beyond her beauty she is compassionate, loving, and tender. Intelligence glows from her eyes, and as we spent time silently gazing into each other’s eyes, I could see there was a deep, wise soul looking at me. Did she give a good massage? Could Frank Sinatra sing? Can Meryl Streep act? Can Shakespeare tell a story? Let’s just say that I have spent time with many dakini’s over time, and Jasmyn Naphene is by far and away my favorite, head and shoulders above the rest!”


“Kundalini rising just from her presence. She is an amazing and talented dakini – the essence of light and love. She is playful and compassionate. Her ability to perceive the soul, and create union through dance, gaze, breath, and touch allowed me to relax and receive. I can only compare her beauty to the figurines represented in European paintings. She has a distinct style of drawing you in, until you are completely lost in her embrace. She reciprocates respectful sensuality with mind blowing and authentic touch. She took me to a height from where I did not want to return.”

Dan G