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About Kelley

Since 2001 my career path has been developing, through holistic wellness consultations, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork and healing sessions, empowerment and transformational work, creativity, dance performance and workshops, women’s spiritual circles, dance party events, art events, sensuality and intimacy coaching, private and small group and wellness retreats. 

I have a BA in Holistic Health from Prescott College, have completed The Yoga Sutra and Recognition Sutras trainings by Christopher Wallis, am a certified Master Herbalist from The East West School of Planetary Herbology, and since 2021 is enrolled in Sessions, relationship and intimacy training offered by Esther Perel.

I am fascinated with the human organism, from the physical to the energetic layers of our being, and also of our complex and highly nuanced life experiences, our place in the cosmos, our mutli-dimensionality, love/intimacy/relationships/sexuality, and all tools, medicines, and skillsets that support us in creating optimum health and well-being, embodiment, and empowerment. 

These are the topics you can expect to read about in my blogs.

My personal passions, which also influences my work, come from my love of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance since 2008, and collage art since 2003.

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