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About Kelley


Wellness Work, Dance, and Event Production have been Kelley’s main outlets of service to the world and personal creative passions for nearly 20 years.

She uses these mediums to create beauty and inspiration in the world, from the individual to the masses.

Wellness consultations, bodywork and healing sessions, empowerment work, creativity, dance performance and workshops, spiritual circles, dance events, art events, sensuality/sexuality and intimacy, and wellness retreats are some of her specialties.

Movement Background:

Dance is my ultimate passion and way to express myself, to heal and grow myself. It’s an honor to have it as a gift for me to create beauty in my life, through the many teachings it brings to me. It is my master, I am it’s life long devoted disciple.

I started belly dancing in 2008, taking classes in Marin, CA, from Dhyanis.  The next 2 years following I continued a daily dedicated home practice.

I moved to Tucson AZ in 2010, and joined Belly Dance Tucson, for about a year, under the detailed and skilled guidance of Jessica Walker.

In 2012 I joined the Cirque Roots performance troupe in Tucson, and was with them for 2 years. Here I performed many solos, was in a couple of their large productions, and many variety shows.  Through their studio I practiced, and taught classes and workshops.

I am pursuing Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Belly Dance Training! She’s an amazing teacher, and lovely inside and out! Her program is spectacular!

I have taken workshops with Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Ashley Lopez. Kami Liddle, Karim Nagi, and Sadie.

I have been a yoga practitioner for 15 years. In childhood and early adulthood I practiced the marital arts of Judo, Kick Boxing, and Kung Fu, as a novice student for a combined 6.5 years.

Wellness Feature

Wellness Work:

I have worked as Physical Therapy Aide for about 3+ years in college, am a certified Master Herbalist, carry a BA in Holistic Health. I have been studying and practicing wellness work since 2001, within the modalities of lifestyle coaching, nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine, crystal healing, sound healing, meditation, yoga and dance, creative expression, shamanic healing techniques, sensual healing and empowerment, and ritual. My two main teachers (and in a sense, gatekeepers) in wellness work are Jill Ruttenberg, Chinese herbal medicine, and Erica Swadley for shamanic healing techniques.

Beginning in 2015 my path of wellness work led me into working in sensuality, relationships, and intimacy - uniquely combining an empowered experience of  spirituality, healing, awakening, and pleasure.  I have gained a lot of useful insights from this work, and moving forward I am excited to make it accessible to people who are interested, to be used as a support for them in their journey of relationship to self and others.

I believe that one piece of puzzle in our collective process of healing the Masculine and Feminine (both regarding gender and energetics) is to address the ways we relate to ourselves and others, specifically in context of our romantic relationship, as it is a very condensed area of life that our deep personal patterns are revealed, and therefore, provides very rich insights and opportunities for growth and healing.