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Collage is an art form that is very mysterious and magical. One image can communicate several different meanings to a person at one specific time in their life. That same image, in another point of time, can reveal other meanings that were not seen before, as if the image keeps opening and reflecting to us, our multi-dimensionality, of being able to pull information from our past, present, future, and also from within ourselves and from other sources outside of us (e.g. God, Spirit, Angels, Guides, Ancestors, etc.).

One image is layered with other images around it. All of them unfolding to us a story of power, beauty, wisdom, strength, our values, desires, and our dreams. Kelley likes to think of collage making, as creating ones own personal Tarot card, as like the Tarot, collage uses symbols to communicate. Life is also full of symbolic communications; it loves to speak to us in metaphors. We just need to have the awareness to see, hear, and feel these ways that life is always speaking to us. Listening is a skill that is learned and refined through practice, like any other skill.


Kelley has been creating collage art for 15 years. It is a main outlet for her artistic expression, and is both a way of giving herself personal therapy, and also as a way of journaling her life. It is one of her rituals of self discovery and empowerment. She has also hosted collage circles with others, individuals and groups, and this is one of her very favorite ways to share time with people – and each time is nourishing and profound. Whether on her own or with other people, she sets the space with candles, herbs to smudge with, essential oils, tea, snacks, music, and other special herbs that help open creative channels.

Kelley is happy to offer collage making as an experience, as part of the wellness work she does. If you are interested to learn more about setting up a collage circle for you or for a group, please reach out to Kelley to explore the idea in person together. Kelley would be delighted to create collage with you!