Thank you for this day. All of my heart-centered dreams are coming true, even beyond what my mind is conscious of. Concealment is a necessary function of consciousness ( as described in Shaivism, a classical form of Tantra). It allows for space within the process of what’s known, which influences one’s journey of self discovery and expression. It also allows for the potentials of possibility to remain in one’s field of consciousness, and it empowers the person to wield the gift of free will (which can be a very intimidating power to behold!), to determine which potential becomes manifest. Timing is one of the most powerful forces at work within us regarding becoming and creating (choice and expression), and it too is supported through the function of consciousness to conceal.

It is a tendency for humans to struggle with timing, when it is not going the ways we think it should or desire it to be. The reality, as far as I am aware, is that when we are truly ready, it will be, and in the meantime, we have our work cut out for us. Perhaps there are hidden gems of awareness still waiting to be mined that will equip us with the inner resources needed to support that which we wish to make manifest? Perhaps there are alignments needed in the external components that are connected to one’s own creation – what we are up to is not only a matter of ourselves, but it also connected to other people, places, situations, and there is timing and purpose to how and when it all lines up.

A consistent part of my own personal journey in this regard, always brings me back around to self as source of my own happiness and joy, rather than it being determined by or dependent upon the external circumstances. This piece in itself is the main essential piece I feel is necessary for humans to understand – we create from the inside out. How well, how truly, are we embodying within us that which we desire to outwardly be experiencing? It brings me around the the value, and essential ingredient to the recipe of creation – to enjoy, truly enjoy, each step of the journey, to be in love with one’s self and life and the whole process of becoming. The journey is what makes up the bulk of our lives. The destinations are peaks of experience that last only a very brief moment in time. Once they are reached, we will almost instantly start looking to the next peak we wish to climb to, maybe even not even enjoying the peak and celebrating it fully once we’ve reached it? I know that’s been a realization in my journey, that tendency to effort so hard to accomplish, and once done, how quickly I set my sights on the next peak to overcome.

What would it be like if we shifted our tendency to allow more space, more time for enjoyment and self care along the journey? There’s only so many known tasks to accomplish at any given time, how about meeting all tasks at hand with the best efforts we can manage, and then relishing in the time we have left over to enjoy the beauty of this life, to take a nice refreshing breath of pause? How about the concept of being productive through our leisure, as an act of self care and giving up that which we cannot control to the higher powers in our lives to assist in the process of creation? This, I believe, is the Feminine way, not in terms of gender, but in terms of energetics. And it’s this energy, I feel, is what the world is in process of learning, trusting, letting go into, and how to consciously and effectively wield. I cannot say enough of the benefits of prayer, meditation, and writing as ways to develop and strengthen connection to that Feminine creative force within!

Read more about the 6 layers of consciousness that we are always rotating through all day, every day, as described by Shaivism. An excellent resource to understand Shaivism is a book called, “Tantra Illuminated”, by Christopher Wallace. Much of human struggle stems from a lack of understanding of how consciousness functions within us and how it projects into our external world.