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Sensual Awakening Retreat for Couples

What a gift it is to share love with another on the journey of life!  To weave two paths together through body, heart, mind, soul, and be partners at each others side along the path of life.  In whatever form it takes, it is a divine union between to lovers, where great potential of beauty is available to be discovered and enjoyed. 

It is a great honor and delight for me to create a sacred space for lovers to come together in an intentional way to celebrate, acknowledge, refine, and maybe even heal in the connection they are sharing together. 

This is my invitation for you and your beloved to join me, take a pause in your daily routine of life, and step into a customized meaningful retreat experience that will keep the connection fresh and inspired, and perhaps be a support in maintaining or reigniting the sparks of passion in the connection. 


Candles lit, flower petals strewn across the floor, incense burning, music playing, feathers and silks, elixirs, ceremonial baths, the temple is ready to receive you, and serve as a container of delight and awakening for nourishing and refined sensuality and pleasure.  Come with an open heart, an empty mind, and put yourself in my hands to guide you on a journey that is meant to leave a lasting imprint of inspiration in your connection to self and each other. 

It is a deeply beautiful honor for me to facilitate such loving, warm, inviting, and safe space for couples to enjoy together in this way.

The temple awaits you…

My background is in Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, gemstone healing, energy healing, empowerment, intimacy and relationship coaching, sensual body work, meditation and yoga practice, writing, creativity, shamanic healing techniques, guided visualization, event production, and dance, all of which equips me with a plethora of tools to craft a unique experience, just for you, to optimally support your path. 

This private retreat can be 3-6 nights long, and would be tailored to your wants and needs, which will be determined from an initial consultation to explore what’s possible and available.  I will take charge on finding the perfect rental that will ideally support this deep work and leisure time, as well as offer healthy delicious cooking and libations (one of my specialties).  

Let’s have fun, dive deep, and enjoy nourishing leisure and self care time together!  I am able to travel and provide this offering anywhere in the world.  If you feel curious and interested to learn more about this kind of experience, please feel free to reach out for a free 20-minute consultation by video chat

What to expect: 

*Prelude (ideal but not essential): Solo Sessions, 2-4 hours each, on dates leading up to the retreat experience.*

Retreat Experience:

  • 3-6 nights, we arrive in the afternoon to settle in and set up, followed by a dinner altogether, self care activities, sensual play, and getting a good night’s rest. (Gives us 1 night to arrive, settle in and set up, connect and share, and the remaining nights for our ceremonial temple connecting experiences).
  • Ceremonial Baths – Ideally there is a bath tub available that is large enough to fit the couple in it together.  Kelley will create a ceremonial spa bath experience for the couple to enjoy at the very end of the evening, ending the day in decadent and nourishing style.
  • 2nd evening will be the opening ceremony for our journey together.  We will begin by sharing intentions of each of us coming together in this sensual awakening work/play. Next we will practice a simple meditation and breathwork to support grounding, presence, and an open heart and body.  Following, Kelley will facilitate sensual play exercises, which will then lead into sharing offerings from our hearts to each other (dance, song, music, poem, any other creative expression of care and devotion).  Afterwards we enjoy sensual body work, and a ceremonial bath for the couple to close the evening with.
  • Each evening onward will be a progression from the 1st.  We will begin by sharing our reflections from the previous night’s experience and our intentions for the next one, which will flow into a similar progression of events from the 1st night together, along with any other added inspired creativity or spontaneity to enjoy.

Daytime hours will be optional in how everyone chooses to enjoy.  Self care activities are highly suggested, and can be shared together, if desired.  Exercise, meditation, yoga, dance, reading, writing, time in nature, outdoor activities, sharing meals, resting, etc., are all great options of ways to enjoy the day and prepare ourselves for deep work, fun, pleasure, and exploration in our evening sessions.  Kelley is happy to lead facilitation of all self care activities mentioned above.

My daily rate is $2,200.  All rental, food, supplies, and travel expenses are the responsibility of the clients.  There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required to book the retreat experience, due 4 weeks prior to the retreat start date.  The remaining balance is to be paid in full by the day before the retreat begins.