Dinner & Leisure Dates

Let’s enjoy sharing a beautiful and nourishing meal together.  All cultures around the world delight in connection through sharing food and libations, great company and stimulating conversations.  There’s something special about feeding the body, mind, heart and soul all at once. 

Or, let’s enjoy a leisure activity together.  From nature hikes, city walks, shows, events, classes, etc., there’s a wide range of ways we can enjoy an experience together.  It’s an excellent way to take a pause and reflect, wonder, share, and enjoy the finer things in life together. 

I’m a very skilled listener, partially because I’m genuinely interested in people and their lives, and also because my training and work has developed me to be so, in order to be of the most effective service to my clients.  In these experiences I’m available for coaching in lifestyle, relationships, personal growth, intimacy, and communication.  It’s a fun way to receive some focused support in areas of life that are very personal.

$150 USD/hour, 1.5 hours minimum.