Empress Path – self-mastery through elemental archetypes

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Empress Path – self-mastery through elemental archetypes for vitality & empowerment

The Empress Path is a 4 month, 1:1, guided journey of self-discovery, for women ready to master all aspects of themselves, body/mind/spirit.  

Journey structure:

  • Each month is focused on mastery of one element – fire, earth, air, water
  • 1 2 hour call/week
  • Unlimited online support between calls
  • Ritual opening and closing for each element (in person or virtual, 1 hour)

Journey benefits:

  • Learn a supportive, applicable, and adaptable framework for self-reflection/development/transformation for holistic wellness and success in all areas of life
  • Receive high-level curated guidance on your specific needs and goals
  • Develop your intuition, connection to self and Spirit, creative energy and expression
  • Balance masculine and feminine creative energies within yourself
  • Heal and transform patterns of self-sabotage, fears, and doubts into your greatest source of empowerment
  • Master your skillset of using thoughts, words, feelings, and actions that are in alignment with your soul purpose and destiny
  • Become a vital creative force of nature in your own unique way!

The Empress is the embodiment of all four Queen archetypes (elements) in the classical Tarot system.  She has mastered The Queen archetype of each element of fire, earth, air, and water within herself psychologically and materially.  She is sovereign of her own life, an empowered warrior of her own shadows, and yet she also remains a humble curious student of life, and a compassionate leader for others.  

Fire – the journey of purposeful action, passion, enlightenment, guidance, play, creativity, Spirit, create positive karma

Earth – values, material resources, foundation, nourishment, body, healthy material boundaries

Air – speaking, communications, truth, wisdom, justice, intellect, healthy energetic boundaries

Water – emotional maturity, love for self and others, intuition, feelings, healthy emotional boundaries

This holistic framework of bio/psycho/spiritual development addresses all aspects of success, from material to spiritual.  

I guide women into this framework as a reflective tool for where growth (and potentially healing) are needed in order to cultivate the highest expression of each elemental archetype, to master spirit, body, intellect, and emotions.  

Knowledge or interest of Tarot is not needed, they are simply helpful frameworks to understand aspects of ourselves and our path along the “hero’s journey.”  

In addition, I can offer guidance through the Tarot and Astrology for those who want more precise guidance.

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***I am open to a sliding scale model for people who need help on that aspect in order to engage with my work.  If you are needing this assistance, please email me directly at inquire@goddessmodern.com***

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