It starts with self-forgiveness.

To not create this for oneself or for another, is like putting a self imposed limit on one’s heart, and one’s capacity to love. One would be saying to themselves, “I REFUSE to let myself love more than I ever have before.”

Forgiving oneself and others is the gateway to our capacity to love. It is coupled intimately with humility and vulnerability. These together bring us to unconditional love for ourselves and others. It brings us to compassion and acceptance.

It is what’s needed to heal ourselves, others, and ultimately our world.  Each one of us holds this responsibility in our hands, of healing the world, through how we are able to heal in ourselves and our relations with each other.

If the idea of Oneness is true (which I feel is so), to not forgive another is to hold a piece of ourselves in an aggressive hostage. Violence (which is obviously physical, though I also think can be verbal and even just energetic) must be transformed for peace to take its place.

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean we are expected to make them our friend, or have them even physically present in our life in some way.  Forgiveness is an inside job which can be applied to the external through how we choose to speak of the other person, or how we interact with them in the case we cross paths out in the world.

True love is not only the rainbows and sunshine in relationships. It can be a journey through the underworld of our dark sides. It can be rough, and it can be full of pain. If we allow ourselves to go through that tumbler, our hearts will be polished, strong, and shiny, like a beautiful sparkling stone that we can carry within us.

It is the light from this gem within our hearts, that serves as a beacon to guide the world forward, out of the darkness, and into our healing as whole healthy vibrant beings on this planet.

Choose Love.

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