The Feminine is the Lead in the Sexual Revolution of Our Culture

The worlds general ‘bedroom culture’ of today is a conditioned product of over thousands of years, which greatly contributes to the degeneration of love and relationships between couples, because it ultimately leaves the relationship unfulfilled and at least one person, if not both, feeling resentful and disappointed.  Without the communication skills to navigate this somewhat… Continue Reading

Power in the Masculine and Feminine

Power, love, sex, and the healing between the masculine and the feminine – how it plays out into relationships and is at a point in it’s evolution through us, that is creating a huge divide between men and women.  It is a divide that is an essential step in our growth together, and I warmly… Continue Reading


Porn, Erections, Sexual Potency, and Ways to Tonify and Balance Porn.  It’s our world’s most dominant sex education platform available (though the industry is clearly not intending it to be educational..).  It is not only where people go for visual sexual stimulation, and it is where people go to learn about how to “do the… Continue Reading

Men’s Inherent Desire to Serve the Feminine

Men’s inherent desire is to serve the feminine, yet the egoic blocks to do so. Men are heavily identified with the ways they think they know to be true about what it is to be a good lover.  They have watched and studied from porn movies about what women want in sex, and they have… Continue Reading

Heart Has No Boundaries

The heart has no boundaries, and the mind is master of limitations.  Mind creates the container for heart to fill, otherwise with no mind heart would lack a container to exist in, and its energy would scatter, creating leaks and exhaustion.  Mind protects heart, and it can also repress heart.  The heart is a source… Continue Reading

Anatomy of Intimacy

The way to a woman’s body, is through her heart.  The way to a man’s heart, is through his body.  (This is a generalization, of course) I am going to speak in this article within the frame of heterosexual partnerships, where the woman is closed in her availability to give herself sexually to her man. … Continue Reading