Gratitude, Choices, Outcomes

attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is a key to all heart-centered dreams coming true. There will always be goals to work towards and the desire to progress forward in life.  Life is a process, a journey of self-discovery.  While attaining goals feels fulfilling, the bulk of life is made up of all the small moments, the tiny step-by-step processes, in between achieving goals. 

Daily life is a reason to celebrate, which includes the goals as well as the journey.  The journey though –  man, it definitely comes with some lows that can feel debilitating and as if we are far away from achieving our goals and desires.  If we are blessed enough to wake to another day, then we are also blessed enough to be able to make new choices to create new outcomes.  

“Patience is a virtue.” William Langland

Self-care is highly supportive to the ability to celebrate each day as a gift (after all, it requires energy to feel gratitude). 

True happiness is a quiet gift offered in the mundane.  It is not determined by external circumstances.  Yet, the external will reflect areas of imbalance for us to journey into and discover a greater truth about ourselves, perhaps where we need to develop and refine.

Human Being is a generator of feeling, experience, perspective, and choice.  If one’s state of being is over-dependent upon their external life, then they are also at its whim, for it is always changing. 

A simple practice to adopt, right now, is to be connected to any quality or quantity of the beauty and prosperity (both internally and externally).  Use that as a source of stability and wealth.  In doing so, one is sourced from within.  That is true power.

Be an artist of life, and do as an artist does.  When something doesn’t go to plan, get creative with how to turn it into a benefit to the whole project, rather than get snagged on that one piece that didn’t work out.  In standing back to take in the bigger picture, one may notice where there were far more steps that did go right, than did not. 

Honor the journey for all that it is.  Are there areas of life that you’d like to experience in a different way?  Then get cracking on the efforts needed to create the outcome you desire instead.  In the end, what’s important is not getting the thing itself, it’s how the process of getting the thing grew you into being your authentic self, who you have always wanted to be, who you feel meant to be. 

If that sense of higher-self is not being experienced, then it’s a good idea to review ones choice-making patterns.  Be humble enough to see where the underdeveloped ego has been in control.  Be able to commit to the kinds of adjustments needed in ones personal psychology and emotional patterns that will influence choice-making to flow into the direction of the desired outcomes. 

I say in the direction of, because as best we can do to make our desired outcomes manifest, often times outcomes don’t quite look the way we had imagined them to be.  We can’t be such control freaks that we don’t leave any room for life (The Great Mystery) to create through us.  Otherwise, we are imprisoned within our own minds and limited to outcomes that we have already experienced and are outdated.  

To each their own.  For one who is inspired by the process of growth, awakening, transformation, and soul-alignment, living in a mental cage is not an option.  

May awareness and gratitude of one’s beauty in all forms be what creates more beauty in all forms.  

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