Guidance Line


Guidance Line is an online advisory service I’ve created to support people who can really use someone to talk to in times of need, for supportive reflections and insights, and for helping to get over the hurdles of life, self-development, relationships, sexuality, and spirituality.

These one-off calls are great for people needing guidance now, within a time limit that works for them, easily fits into their busy lifestyle, and offers immense value to put their mind at ease by giving them something solid, productive, and empowering to grab onto.

Sometimes all we need in life is a little guiding light to illuminate the next steps ahead.

The way it works:

  • Book your zoom call (audio) and pay for the time duration you desire.
  • You will get a confirmation email with your call link.
  • We both show up to the call, dive right in, take a good look together, and come up with (at least the beginning to) your game plan for optimal outcomes and good feelings.
  • Longer call times create guaranteed space for intuitive tarot and astrology interpretations

Booking link: Book my call!

Be on time for your call.

No refunds.

Wifi connection is required for this call.

All calls are recorded for your future referencing.

I’m available for this service each week:

  • Monday and Thursday, 1-6pm, 20mins/$60
  • Friday-Sunday, 1-6pm, 20mins/$70 (weekend availability subject to change, consult the calendar in the scheduling link)
  • Not available Tuesday or Wednesday each week

Booking link: Book my call!

Thank you so much for trusting me to be your guide, I will do my very best to take great care of you.

Here’s my reviews to learn more of how others receive my work:

“Kelley’s insight and guidance has been so helpful and nurturing in my life.  In tender moments my heart has felt held.  Her advice resonates with what I know to be true, and gives me comfort and courage.  She always encourages me to become my most confident and healthy version of myself.  Thank you Kelley for your poetic words of wisdom, and for being a guiding light!”

S.M., Bay Area, CA

“Kelley is gifted at holding space for people to process their experiences, inquiries, and challenges especially around issues of spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, and relationships. She is an active listener who approaches situations from a compassionate perspective. Kelley always guides me to understand where the learning and growth resides in a difficult or confusing situation. Her expert knowledge of astrology and tarot has helped me tune into the collective forces influencing my life and align with the values of my higher self that facilitate my healing and growth.”

B.F., New York

“Kelley has diverse and extensive experience in Women’s health & sexuality, Chinese herbs, and Holistic Healing. Aside from her areas of study, the work she’s done with women and couples gives her a unique and open view into the human spirit. This makes her not only a trusted source of information but a well-rounded discussion partner who is able to facilitate enlightening insights paired with real-world experience and advice. I have always felt better after a discussion session with Kelley and am always grateful for the shift in perspective she provides.”

A.B., San Diego

Kelley’s Reviews