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Intrigue Him, Women’s Intimacy Coaching

Beginning in 2015 I began my path working in sensuality, relationships, sexuality, and intimacy – uniquely combining an empowered experience of spirituality, healing, awakening, and pleasure.

Healthy intimacy is about empowered authentic connection, made possible through vulnerability, balanced cooperation, and effective communication. It requires courage and receptivity. Intimacy is first and foremost to ourselves, which is the most important relationship we have in our lifetime.  From there we cultivate it with all other relations.

Join me in a complimentary 30-minute call for support in your journey of intimacy to self and others.  

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This work is about creating a safe space for women to explore and express themselves with all things regarding relationships and intimacy. It’s a supportive space to discovering their deepest truths of who they are, what they want, what they need, and what they have to offer. It is about helping women to find their voice and learn how to use it. It is about empowering women to be leaders in their own lives and in their intimate partnerships, to help guide the men in how to love them, and how to be the best version of a partner to their beloved.  

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