Healthy intimacy is about empowered authentic connection.  It’s about strength and receptivity.  It takes a great deal of strength to be vulnerable in revealing what’s true for us, and it also requires strength to be receptive to contain what is being revealed.  Intimacy is first and foremost to ourselves, which is the most important relationship we have in our lifetime, and from there we cultivate intimacy with all relations externally, specifically in relation to how well we have tended to connection to self.

Intimacy requires integrity, accountability, responsibility, commitment, honesty.  Intimacy is about creating supportive life experience in connection, by seeing into one’s self and another clearly, and choosing outcomes that are supportive and productive.  The lack of intimacy creates a shadow for one to hide behind, which prevents them from being their whole self, and keeps them from living a happy and fulfilled life. 

I have a holistic approach that focuses on the self as a source of energy and creativity of one’s life.  I assist people in how to understand and tap into their own well spring of power to fuel their life, through ways that are meaningful to them.  I also serve as a guide to people in relationships as how to achieve deeper levels of intimacy, leading to greater depth of love, health, joy, and passion in the connection.

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