Thank you for this day.

The moment is infused with beauty and the precious power of being.  I am a focal center where the Earth and cosmos unite and create through my expression.  There’s a dance of two partners here, hand in hand.  One partner, is me.  My ego, my personality, my free will to consciously choose and play God through my expression.  The other dance partner here is Spirit.  Life, mystery, Supreme consciousness, is my lead in this dance we play in together.  It has the ultimate view of my life and purpose. Each step along the way I do my best to tune in and follow its flow of ease and grace.  I surrender to it’s twists and turns, dips and spins.  Even more subtly it my need to cue into it’s pauses – those moments of sweet suspension in stillness, and the inner strength and flexibility required, not only to hold the position, but at the same time luxuriate in the breath, and on top of it all, it must be alive with a dancers’ effortless grace.