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Design a lifestyle that supports optimal health of your feminine energy

This offering is partially inspired by how the world we live in was designed by men, for men, in accordance with the biological clock of men, for all of our recorded history.  This has created an imbalance of the harmony between masculine/feminine, yin/yang, men and women.

We are now collectively exploring our options of how to create a world of greater balance of these forces of life.

Feminine/masculine, yin/yang, these are terms that communicate energetics and dynamics, of how elements in nature interact with each other.  And yes, humans are part of elements in nature, and so these terms can also apply to humans. 

As within nature, the human experience comes with a vast array of variety, and so the expression of yin/yang, female/male, or feminine/masculine can be observed and experienced very uniquely from one person to another.

This is a 1:1 guidance service for women who are wanting to design a lifestyle that supports and connects them to their feminine energy.  It is a program for women who feel a calling inside, a yearning to feel more connected to themselves, body/mind/spirit. 

It’s for women who feel intuitively that there is something that’s both – more within themselves, and also, that there is a larger force of life that they’ve never tapped into, and have a desire to.  This offering is for women who feel that calling as a silent wordless pull, others who hear the call loud and clear, and everyone in between.

In this blog, I’m going to first go through my POV and experience of each of  these topics that I teach through in this service, which are: self-care, creativity, spirituality, sensuality, feminine embodiment, and intimacy.  I will then share a bit about how my program works.


I’m thrilled that self-care has become such a rage in the mainstream that so many more people are engaging with a self-care practice.  It’s so important!  For so many reasons!

Women are designed for and have been bred to be caretakers for others, and there’s a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of our own.  However, we can’t fill our cup from an empty well, and it’s really important to take care of ourselves too. 

As one astrologer Kelley Rosano always says, “Our wealth is in our health, the better we feel, the more we can do, and the more we can do the more money we can make.”  And I would add to this, “and with the best quality of energy to enjoy it all with.”

When it comes to self-care I like to think of it as a daily practice, as each day is different from the others and requires different levels of our attention and energy to manage it.  I define self-care as any activity that feeds the body/mind/spirit, that is done independently for the needs of others, and offers a recharge and reset of our state of being.

Anybody can enjoy daily self-care and tailor it specifically to their needs, interests, passions, and desires.  There’s active forms of self-care and passive forms.  I think it’s important to have a balance of both. 

Active forms would include things like exercise, creativity, outdoor activities, singing, making food.  Passive forms would be more contemplative, reflective, meditative in nature. 

In Lifestyle Feminine I really encourage women to engage with the passive forms of self-care, as they are most often in the category that is neglected.  It’s easier for many people to be busy, and it’s hard for a lot of people to enjoy stillness, especially when they are alone. 

Passive forms of self-care “nourish the Yin,” which is the feminine energy within us, and is need of balancing in this hyper Yang (masculine) world we live in.

Self-care supports our feminine energy system in various ways, through actives that feed, nourish, and energize us.  Self-care is about how we “fill our own well” each day, and also about our discernment as to where we channel the contents of our well into our lives. 

Self-care is what creates and maintains a solid sealed healthy container of life and self, which leads to optimal health, wellbeing, and vitality.

In the 2 live IG calls I did about empowerment I spoke a lot to the metaphor of containers that we create in our lives, and how we can use that metaphor to assess the overall integrity of ourselves and our lives, so if you’re interested to hear more on that piece I invite you to check out those other videos (and if you receive value from my content please consider following me on social media and sharing with your friends, thanks! @goddess.modern – IG).


For me, creativity is a balance of yin and yang, both an active and passive form of self-care.  It tunes into the feminine aspect of ourselves, the unknown, the mystery, the void, and then channels it into a passionate expressive form of some kind, which is a masculine aspect of ourselves.  It is the union of these two forces that brings creation into being.

Creativity is one of my favorite areas of life to enjoy.  I am always amazed at the creative process, and receive so much joy out of creating something myself, and also facilitating space for others to create. 

Ive hosted a lot of collage circles, and when facilitating for others I always love the part when they finish their project and are filled with a child-like excitement and pride for their creation, and how it even surprises them of how good it makes them feel.

I know for myself when I am in my creative process, I feel like I’m tuning into my own mystery and channeling its guidance, messages, and inspirations into my art.  I’m always struck by how it ends up reflecting to me a story of great meaning, or power, or symbolism.

As I’m making art, whether it be collage, or jewelry, or painting, the making part teaches me about life, how matter, color, texture, sound, movement interacts within it’s environment. 

Creativity is a great source of peace, fun, play, passion, joy, connection to myself and my life and to Spirit.


For me, spirituality is the energetic expression of the feminine, that influences the world around me.  It is the realm of the unseen, the mystery.  It’s silence and stillness.  It’s connection to life/Source/The Universe/God.  It’s what creates the channel from the mysterious void of infinite potential within me to the manifested external world around me.

It is the most subtle energetic layer of being and experience, yet it is truly the strongest foundation to be supported by.  It exists independently of one’s awareness of it, and it flourishes with one’s conscious connection to it.  Like self-care, spirituality can be tailored to each person’s own interpretation of what it is to them, and of how they connect with it.

What my training and experience has taught me, is that for the unseen realm to engage, support, assist, it needs to be invited in to do so.  This can be through prayer, ritual, creativity, intention, or really any gesture of reverence and openness that feels authentic.  It can also be very simple and clear, it doesn’t have to be complex or elaborate at all.  I will also say that any creative energy I infuse it with does amplify it’s power.

I have been cultivating my connection with this aspect of existence for 20 years, and I have a very deeply rooted foundation with my Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Allies, and Star Family. 

The magic that weaves daily into my life – speaking to me through symbolism and metaphor, speaking to me through other people, the presence of animals or insects in a moment when there’s a thought or word spoken of great significance, when I’m in nature and the wind that rushes in to carry off my spoken prayer, the guidance that comes through my mediations, journaling, prayer, tarot cards, astrology readings, the insights that come to me when I dance, the sounds of texts coming in right when I’m praying and speaking words of meaning to my message, the numbers that follow me everywhere, I mean everywhere for 2 decades now, that come up to affirm something of significance to me. 

It’s endless.

At times I have felt as if I’m living in one of my collages, where the placement of each item has a great significance that only I would recognize the value of.  Life speaks to us constantly, and in the same way that we have to learn how to be a good listener to other people, we have to learn how to listen to the communications of life.  We have to learn its language.

I think people in general limit their awareness about what it means to be, to feel, to express, to communicate, because they often only consider it in the ways that humans do.  All of life is Mind, and Mind expresses in a mass variety of forms, depending on the physiological structure it is expressing through.

To me, spirituality is what allows me to learn the language that my life is speaking to me through.  It allows me to receive support, guidance, insights, inspirations as I travel along my (very unusual windy twisty-turny unpredictable) path. 

The way that I tend to my relationship with Spirit, is that everywhere I live (and I lived nomadically around the world for 6 years straight, so I’ve lived in many many many places) I create my altar. 

My altar is my designated place where I tune into myself and create a gesture of reverence and gratitude.  It is a place where I perform ritual and create an anchor for my prayers and intentions.  At times I consider it the office where Spirit and I have our business meetings.

Really, my whole home is basically a living altar.  My car, my office studio, the dance party, the patio table for 4 at the restaurant, aisle 6 at the grocery store, it’s all become my altar.  My ritual has been practiced for so long, that I feel like my moment to moment of daily life is a ritual.  But when I sit at my altar or when I speak my morning prayers, that’s the most distilled pure expression of my ritual.


Many people instantly think about sex when it comes to sensuality.  And while it absolutely can be a part of sex, what I’m speaking to here is sensuality as it’s own form of expression and enjoyment.  It’s the small moments of slowing down and noticing, taking pleasure in, the sensual input from the world around us and even within us.  This is a very important kind of nutrition for the senses and our mind.

“Feeding the Goddesses of the senses.” (Christopher Wallis, Tantra Illuminated)

It’s about being able to step out of the world of our mind chatter and connect to the sensual world around us.  It’s receiving pleasure from the colors, textures, various qualities of light and sound, flavors and smells.  It’s receiving pleasure from the soft summer breeze on our face, the feeling of the wind blowing through the hair, the dappled light through the trees, the smell of your lovers skin, the beauty of a flower…

For me, the topic of sensuality is about the quality of receiving from the world around us, and even from within us.  It’s our own felt sense of self in relation to the world around us.  And regarding sex, for me, there is a direct link between the way sensuality is enjoyed in throughout the small moments of the day, and the way we enjoy it when we are with another sexually. 

“The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.”

Feminine Embodiment

This is going to mean something different for each person, because we each have our own way that we experience our feminine energy, whether we are male or female.  For me, this is about the health and vitality of one’s feminine energy system within them, and their natural expression of it.  We all have a feminine and masculine system in our being.

Considering the idea of micro/macro, on a micro level, in our organ systems, we have feminine organs (that receive, contain, and transform) and we have masculine organs (that transport).  Feminine is about receiving and masculine is about movement. 

For me, feminine embodiment is about the quality of our receiving, how comfortable are we in the unknown, our quality of trust that we have in ourselves and our lives, our comfort level with stillness and silence, how connected we are to our intuition, and how we experience and express these aspects of ourselves in our lives and our relationships.


Again, many people instantly think about sex when the topic of intimacy comes up.  And like sensuality, intimacy can absolutely be part of sex, but it is also it’s own topic of experience and expression.  And again, “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything,” so it definitely can beautifully enhance and compliment and deepen sex.

For me, sex is the ultimate crescendo where all of what we are merges with all of what another person is.  However, the opportunities to enjoy and experience intimacy outside the bedroom are endless, and definitely create pathways to enjoying it with another sexually.

To me, intimacy is about truth.  It’s about being authentic.  Authenticity requires great strength because it means that in order to be authentic we have to bring a great deal of vulnerability into our experience – with ourselves first of all, and to others we are sharing with.

Intimacy with self means that a person is willing to stand true in who they are, what they need, what they want, even if it means disappointing the people they love.  Side note – When I say that, I’m not suggesting that people adopt a selfish position and make demands to their own needs or desires no matter the expense to their loved ones.

What I mean is that a person engages themselves and their loved ones in a process with them that allows for their needs and desires to be expressed, and then inviting the other into a process of exploration on whether or not they can be met in the current circumstances, or if adjustments are able to be made, or where there can be compromises.

The point, is that a person be true to themselves and give their loved ones the opportunity to accept them in that truth, to love them in their truth, even if they don’t agree with it, even if it’s not what they want from that person.

This can be a very scary process for people at times, because being true to oneself may mean that choices need to be made to leave others and situations behind as we move forward on our journey with that truth leading the way.  I don’t underestimate the great stress, fear, and anxiety that can come with that level of intimacy to self and what they may require.

Intimacy to self can sometimes mean the destruction of a previous version of self and life that a person once received a great deal of comfort and stability from.  So again, sometimes this can be a very scary process to engage with and I don’t judge people for wanting to maintain comfort, stability, and safety and the expense of the quality of intimacy they have with themselves.    

I do believe however, that when we are true to ourselves, that our truth will lead us to the people and situations that hold a much deeper alignment and resonance with the truth of our heart and soul, and will lead to the greatest level of accomplishment, fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

I think that when we are truly intimate with ourselves, and we give our partner the opportunity to love and accept us in that truth, that it has the ability to strengthen and deepen the quality of love shared between people.  When we are feeling fully seen, heard, accepted for who we are, that is when we are experiencing true intimacy in partnership and also in sex.

When we don’t need to hide behind the walls of stories we create in order to protect ourselves from being seen, that is when we have access to our full vitality and pleasure for life.

I do understand how sometimes there are circumstances that require us to edit certain details in order to protect ourselves in relation to others.  For instance, it is not generally going to work well for someone to be 100% fully open and revealing to every person in their life. 

Concealment is an aspect of our consciousness that is essential and healthy.  However, when it comes to our closest relationships that we are wanting to experience the greatest quality of intimacy with, my stance on it is that we do have to expose our vulnerabilities to them, and that there are ways of exposing ourselves the can be done with grace, respect, and care.

It may still even cause ripples in the connection, but when the couple is able and willing to traverse the rocky waves together with grace and care, they have a chance to sail into calmer waters, that run very deep, and it can strengthen their bond.

The way I work

One reason why I work 1:1 with people is that it allows me to tailor a program experience to speak to exactly what the person is needing guidance in.  One of my specialties is that I can customize to each person, depending on what their needs are, what their limitations are, and the outcomes they are wanting to accomplish.  I help my clients to explore and discover their own authentic expressions of themselves through these areas of life that I covered here in this blog.

I also enjoy holding space for the nuances of someone’s exact experience and being able to speak directly to it through my guidance, and experiences I can create, and exercises I suggest.  I work both online and in person, offering guidance, coaching, healing work, transformational experiences, and ritual facilitation.

Click here to book your FREE 30min phone or video consultation (required for all new clients) :

1:1 work is more expensive than group programs to engage with, however I am able to offer payment plans for anyone to would benefit from that.

Also, if you would like to see more of my writing on the topics of holistic wellness, transformational work, feminine embodiment, and intimacy, I invite you to my website to view my blogs.  I am currently in process of developing my site to focus on my writing, but there’s a lot up there currently that at least gives you some idea on what I write and my POV, which also informs the coaching work I offer.

I have 3 1:1 coaching programs available.

Lifestyle Feminine, which is what I’ve been speaking to in this blog.

Intrigue Him, a guidance service for women interested in relationships and intimacy with men.

Heartbreak Transformation, for people going through heartbreak and wanting guidance in how to use it as a vehicle of growth, healing, and empowerment, in order to fully be the person they are meant to become and create the life, and eventually, love of their dreams.

If any of these are of interest to you, I invite you to set up a free 30min call to explore it as an option of guidance for you.  

Click here to book your FREE 30min phone or video consultation (required for all new clients) :

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Thank you all so much for spending your time with me here in this way.  Your time is a very precious resource and it is an honor that you would share it with me here.  I hope this call was informative or inspiring to you in some way.

In service to the harmony of Yin and Yang,

Kelley Mountain