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Men’s Empowered Awakening


Empowered Masculine.  What does that mean?  What does it look like as he moves through the world?  What does he sound like?  How does he relate to other men around him?  How does he relate to women?  We are in a time of radical and rapid transformation in the world, on the topics of feminine and masculine empowerment, healing, and harmony.  This is happening not only in the obvious realm of gender, but also energetically within the self and ways of being in the world. 

For several decades now the women’s empowerment movement has been gaining force, as women have made it priority and pleasure to carve time out of their lives to meet, connect, share, support, and inspire each other through activities that are positive, productive, healing, empowering, and transformative.  There is a global web of sisterhood that is getting stronger by the day, because women have a momentous personal initiative to heal, grow, and empower themselves to be the best version of self that they can be, and they have the support of their sisters to do it along the way. For many women, it’s a lifestyle, not just an activity.  I am grateful, honored, and delighted to be a part of this movement in the ways I’m able to.  It’s one of the deepest joys in my heart.

But wait!  What about the men?  We can’t evolve the world without the men!  And we don’t want to do this without the men.  While the world is figuring out how to become a balanced and healthy polar opposite to itself, I’d like to lend a hand to offer men support on their journey of greater self empowerment, wellbeing, awakening, and intimacy.

Men, I believe in you.  I believe in the goodness and the purity of your hearts.  I believe in your desire to be the best man you can be.  I believe in your desire to create a safe, loving, joyful quality of life for the women in your world.  Many men did not have positive examples of an empowered man close to them in their upbringing, and society has certainly fallen short of offering good examples, which leaves many in a position of feeling a bit lost or confused.  It’s ok, we’re all in this together, and we are going to figure this out.

I am here to humbly offer myself as your guide, your trusted confidant, your healer, your muse, your coach, and a cheerleader in your corner.  I’ve been working with men in realms of sensuality and intimacy since 2015, and I have shared almost 1,000 sessions in that time.  Through this work I have seen common threads running within men of all ages and backgrounds.  I have heard many stories of desires, dreams, victories, needs, hopes, fears, doubts, insecurities.  Know this – I’ve got your back.  I’m a trusted vessel for you to pour your heart out to, and know that all shared will always remain between us.  My container is solid, clear, and virtuous.  My presence is loving, warm, inviting, and inspiring. 

I’m available to the men who are ready to grow, and do the deep dive into themselves that is necessary in order to do so.  I’m available to the men who are ready to create positive changes in their lives and release the addictions that keep them from reaching their desired way of being and experiencing their wholeness.  This is work, and I won’t try to make it sound easy.  Thing is – the time investment in doing the work is the same amount of time in vestment in not doing the work.  Realty is, only one of these will produce a desired outcome, and the other will perpetuate cycles of stagnancy.  It’s your choice.

I’ve created a space for men to join me on a journey of self discovery, through services of one-on-one coaching, sensual awakening sessions, a guidance line, customized personal retreats with me, couple’s coaching and tantric experiences and retreats, small group events, and other special events.  I’m here, and ready when you are.  In any case, I trust that any man who’s made it to this page has already initiated this path for himself, and will make the choices he sees fit to best support his journey, and to that I say, “Great work!  Thank you!  Welcome to the movement of healing and evolution of humanity!”

Sensual Awakening for Men

Men – This invitation is granted to welcome you into knowing yourself, through the reflective and nourishing wisdom and experiences I can provide.  Tap into hidden potentials of your power, strength, purpose, creativity, sensuality, and intimacy.  Discover your role in relation to women, The Feminine, and allow me to be your guide to meet Her, and receive all the She has to share with you.  Learn even grater ways to be in service to Her, support Her, both within yourself and also with women in your life.  She holds a wealth of knowledge within you, and is ready to walk with you hand-in-hand through your journey in life. 

Let Her teach your Masculine what it means to be empowered, what that really looks like, feels like, how He moves through the world, shining that gorgeous light of the radiant sun He is endowed with, through His presence, to bless this world with His life. 

My guidance offers you a safe container to explore through intimacy and sensuality, through stillness and presence, though beauty and intention.  My approach is focused on radical self care and personal development, to help refine you as an instrument of divine will, to play its song through you in the way only you are capable of through your uniqueness.  Receive me as your trusted confidant, reveal yourself to me and let me hold you in that position of exposure to yourself, with love, compassion, wisdom, grace, and authentic caring for your soul, and desire to see you thrive in your excellence.

Sessions include activities of meditation, contemplative discussion, gentle yoga-inspired movements, sensual healing body work, and coaching to support you in reaching the goals of your heart and soul’s pure desires to serve humanity.  These experiences are offered at a minimum of 3 hours, and go up to 3-6 nights of a personalized solo retreat experience with me.  They are deigned to seed within you a lasting imprint for you to continue cultivation throughout your life, and gives you the tools to do so.

If you are here receiving this invitation, I trust there is a part of you that is ready for this beautiful and meaningful work, and that when you are ready to step into your full mastery as creator of yourself and your life, you will reach out for my support, if we are aligned to share this work together.  In any case, in whatever way you move forward in your journey of wholeness, I give you my support and blessing that you find your way exactly as is best for you, and I wish you so well on that journey.  Remember to enjoy the ride along the way.


Sensual Awakening for Men Rates

$450-900 USD

3 hour minimum
Contact me about the range of pricing given here.

Call via What’s App: +886 970 399 434

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