Creating new stories in relationships to identify with frees both people involved and allows for healing beyond previous experiences and the identities created from them.

But how does one create a new story to relate to?  Well, chances are, that the stories one has in their mind, created out of their perception, is just one piece of the bigger picture.  Chances are, that there is far more to a person or situation than one is putting their attention on.  Choosing to widen one’s perception in order to take in more of the other requires a detachment from the pieces of the original story which cause some kind of held charge – typically out of pain.

Use the power of language to help oneself and others evolve from a story of pain into a story of love.  How we speak creates containers for both our own reality and others’.

What is the story that is desiring to be lived now?  Help create new stories for joy, connection, and transformation for all, by the power of language.

Speak to the positive aspects present and desired.

Acknowledge the lack of skillset and awareness in another if it’s needed in order to understand it, yet refrain from indulging in gossip.

Creating new stories allows everyone to be free and creates cohesion.

Always reach for ways of being that are similar, compatible, helpful, uplifting, reciprocal, and if all else fails, practice deep listening and presence.

Compassion.  Forgiveness.  Acceptance.  Compromise.  Compassion.  Forgiveness. Acceptance.  Compromise.   Compassion.  Forgiveness. Acceptance.  Compromise.   And let it go.

Is it fair to keep one another in the prison of our personal judgements towards each other?  Is it fair for anyone to perpetuate stories of discord from the past?  Who is in the right to be so above another?  We each carry the light of our own virtue and we also carry the darkness of our own vice. People also tend to carry the blinders to their own weaknesses, yet will be quick to shine the light of their virtue in another’s direction, as to highlight their weakness.  Be kind. Be gentle.  If that state of being is not able to be expressed in one moment, then give it some time for the charge to dissolve into the temple of the radiant heart, and then move from here.

If we want to create a new story for our world we must start with the relationship we have with ourselves, and then next with each other in our families and communities.  At this point in our collective existence, peace is a work of heart, it takes a great effort to truly meet each other in this way.  As with any skill, once practiced over time, it becomes part of one’s nature.  Tend the inner garden to cultivate peace, and enjoy the fruits of that great effort in a community pot-luck – the whole world is invited!  Now that’s a great story!


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