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Kelley Mountain has been a belly dance artist since 2008, and thoroughly enjoys performing and teaching.


Kelley offer consultations, private and group sessions, and creates wellness programs to offer support for people to achieve their wellness goals.

Retreats & Events

Kelley produces events such as dance parties, healing retreats, as well as leading and organizing healing and empowerment circles.

Goddess Moden on Social Media:

"Kelley has arrived from several after lives. An old wise sage, embodiment of a beautiful warrior priestess goddess. Kelley is radiating warmth, luminosity, compassion, passion, abundance, kindness, and spirituality. Unconditional love was permeating throughout the entire space."


San Francisco, CA

"The mark of an incredible session is when you feel still engulfed by the experience long after you left. Kelley looks and acts like a true goddess. There is something magical about her treatment—my mind turned to mush and random thoughts came and went. She works pretty deep and knows how to find troubled spots. I was so incredibly in peace when I got off the table."


San Francisco, CA

"Kelley Mountain is one of the most embodied tribal fusion dancers I have seen. Her beauty and spirit shine when she moves."

R. Fisher

Belly Dancer, Boulder, CO

"I met Kelley through a mutual friend and was blown away by her compassion, true kindness, and the time she spent with me. She’s a phenomenal listener and an intuitive healer, with a big heart. From the moment I saw her I knew my session was going to be so healing. We worked together for maybe 2-2.5 hours and it never felt rushed. She gave me practices to do after our session and even brought a crystal that I bought from her because she thought it would add to my healing. I’m really grateful to have met her. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future."

R. Freidman

Bay Area, CA

"I first met Kelley Mountain when I moved to the Bay Area 8 years ago. What a sweet and lovely human! I had absolutely no clue about Nutrition and ate fast food every day of the week, and was chronically ill. Kelley offered to come over and give me a consultation on “nutrition”. She took the food in my fridge and taught me how to cook. That day was utterly life changing for me. For the past 8 years I’ve developed an undying passion for Nutrition and Health and in a way, Kelley saved my life. I will be forever grateful to this lovely woman for sparking a catalyst for change in my life, and I’m now on the path to writing a book on how to “Detox” and owe it all to her. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without her guidance. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend her as a former client and friend."

A. Redtree

Bay Area, CA

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The Gift of this Moment

The fullness of this moment, it fills me with a great beauty and joy of living.  Here, this moment is.  It has never been, and will never be again.  I pause in this moment to breathe and really take this into my awareness.  Never before, and never again, this moment alive in me now.  What…

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Life as Dance

Thank you for this day. The moment is infused with beauty and the precious power of being.  I am a focal center where the Earth and cosmos unite and create through my expression.  There’s a dance of two partners here, hand in hand.  One partner, is me.  My ego, my personality, my free will to…

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The Boundless Heart and The Mind of Boundaries

The heart has no boundaries, and the mind is master of limitations. Mind creates the container for heart to fill, otherwise with no mind heart would lack a container to exist in, and its energy would scatter, creating leaks and exhaustion. Mind protects heart, and it can also repress heart. The heart is a source…

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Creating through the Balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies

There are two sides of the creation coin – the Masculine and the Feminine (Yang/Yin).  They are both essential aspects of creation, and one depends upon the other in order for there to be a truly harmonious and effective desired outcome.  These forces play out in infinite ways across the planet, of which all life…

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5 Minutes for Romance Each Day Goes a Long Way

Romance can fit into most days.  Sure, there’s days when there’s no spare moment to give to romance, however I feel optimistic that it is in most people’s power to create 5 minutes each day to create a romantic moment with their beloved.  It’s a misconception that people have in mind to think that they…

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I Am Who I Want to Be

Thank you for this day.  All of my heart-centered dreams are coming true.  I am who I want to be, and I’m living the life I want to live.  While there will always be goals I am working towards to progress my life forward, I am aware that my life is a process, a journey…

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The Temple of Self

Thank you for this day.  In my core there lives a place where all is well.  This is the temple of self I reside in, which keeps me grounded in my body, my heart, the moment, and dissolves my worries into the light of this truth within me; not in a way of mental escapism,…

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Concealment as a Function of Consciousness

  Thank you for this day. All of my heart-centered dreams are coming true, even beyond what my mind is conscious of. Concealment is a necessary function of consciousness ( as described in Shaivism, a classical form of Tantra). It allows for space within the process of what’s known, which influences one’s journey of self…

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