Power trips, subtle yet palpable.

Power trips are created through the scope of an insecure ego, struggling to confirm to oneself that they are the most powerful, and is a response instigated by the presence of another person of power.

The true nature of power is not that it is something that belongs to a specific person, rather it is a force we all have access to and is simply the presence of presence, refined through commitment and discipline.  Power trips surface when one or both people in the exchange is threatened by the power of the other, and the undeveloped ego struggles to prove to itself it’s own power, and that it is superior over the other person’s power.

This turns the focus from a general acknowledgement of the presence of power in the other, to an egoist defense mechanism, which greatly disturbs the force of power – which is inherently designed to unify and be productively creative for our evolution.  The mechanism of the under-developed ego, is to keep separate and ‘better than’, and is not aligned with the path of creation through the light.

Not to say that all creation must happen through the light, as light and dark are both powerful creative forces of the same coin that we can choose to operate through.  It’s only that we may experience the process of creating differently and more joyful in one way, rather than the other.  It’s ours to choose in each moment and experience.

Egoist spirituality runs rampant – who knows more spiritual information?  Who has been to more trainings?  Who has the longer standing run as an established teacher?  Who can use the most esoteric language to describe aspects of power?

Humility please.

Metaphor: The young child with a sword that is too big and heavy, who is wildly swinging it about, slashing and clashing against everything in it’s path.  One must move slowly at first to learn how to move along the crisp planes of range of images-1motion, and then can work up to being able to wield the sword of power with great skill, and along with that, be able to connect to the responsibility of one who holds such a power in their hands – which perhaps is even the training needed prior to receiving the sword.

Humans attained the sword of power itself before learning the principals of power first.  Look at the destruction it has created.   In the process of learning any new skill, we tend to be clumsy, and along that process we have the choice at any time to slow down, to focus, and r
efine our practice, presence, and skill in what we are doing.  Knowing this gives me hope that humans have a chance to evolve out of this mess we are in.  Like mastering any skill, it requires presence in the moment and unwavering commitment to its development.

From many established recognized teachers, what I learn most, is how not to be, what not to do.  On the other hand, I meet people who are not recognized teachers, who carry their skill and offering with such humility and grace, such openness and warm inviting for others to participate in the discovery available.  This world is in dire need for more of these people to step into their role of teacher in a big way – really owning the gift that they have to share, and choosing whatever channel appropriate for them to share their gifts into the world.  We need more examples of people who have power and who know how to hold and use it in a way that is inclusive and productive and creative.  I pray, I pray, for this principle to be infused into the power systems of this world, to redirect the way power is being channeled into the world, and has been for eons – which has been a force of destruction within the person, the family, the community, the collective, the earth, and everything that is connected within this web of life we are in.

I pray that the power of words be highly self examined by all, to make information accessible to everyone, and for words of positivity to be backed by action and being.  A paradox I am very familiar within this specific topic, is how spiritual communities display an imbalance of words spoken and ways of being – further producing the exact problem that they are so passionately expressive about healing in the world.  And why? – because there’s something to prove to the ego.  And so the cycle continues on, even in the most passionate dedicated well-intentioned good hearted humans to bring change into this world.

I pray, I pray.  The best I can do, the most purposeful way I can contribute, is to start with myself, bringing my own awareness to greater levels so that I am in alignment with the path of creativity and unity; that I may refine my self awareness and ways of being, so that I may live a joyful life, and that can also serve as being an example to others on their own path to joy.  I’m far from perfect, yet to me it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.