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Private Coaching with Kelley

A reality – no body achieves great success all on their own with out the help from others along the journey.  Human life is a genius paradox of simplicity and complexity.  The simple aspects contain things like the desire to be happy, healthy, loved, cared for, supported, and useful.  The complex aspects contain the finer details from person to person as how to achieve these things within themselves.  

Each person is like their own puzzle of life figuring itself out.  This is where my work comes in.  I’m a guide to help people explore, discover, and refine themselves and their lives to be a vehicle of creation that supports the alignment between the simple and the complex layers of being and life. 

Clients seek me out for assistance in self care, creativity, spirituality, relationships, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, communications, lifestyle, and achieving goals.  My approach is focused on the self as the central hub that the wheel of life spins around.  The self is the foundation from which all else is built upon.  Self care and development is the backbone of the work I share. 

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