Custom Personal Retreats

Are you ready for a deep dive?  Are you ready to engage powerfully in your path of self refinement and creative capacity within your life?  Are you desiring to unplug from the world and your daily routine to devote a small amount of time that will produce great gains, and offer you a supportive foundation to build your life upon for years to come?  Are you desiring authentic connection with a beautiful, healthy, empowered woman, to enjoy nourishing intimacy, and receive transformative inspiration through her as your muse? 

I am delighted to invite you into this most precious experience that we can create together.  My background is in Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, gemstone healing, energy healing, empowerment, intimacy and relationship coaching, sensual body work, meditation and yoga practice, writing, creativity, shamanic healing techniques, guided visualization, event production, and dance, all of which equips me with a plethora of tools to craft a unique experience, just for you, to optimally support your path. 

This private retreat can be 3-6 nights long, and would be tailored to your wants and needs, which will be determined from an initial consultation to explore what’s possible and available.  I will take charge on finding the perfect Air BnB rental that will ideally support this deep work and leisure time, as well as offer healthy delicious cooking and libations (one of my specialties).  

There will be sensual sessions daily, and other activities of fitness, leisure, nature, creativity, play, practices of movement and meditation, and even time built in for quite solo reflection and/or work if needed (though ideally this is a time that you can take a full break from your work life). It would be such a beautiful fulfilling honor for me to create these experiences for you.

Let’s have fun, dive deep, and enjoy nourishing leisure and self care time together!  I am able to travel and provide this offering anywhere in the world.  If you feel curious and interested to learn more about this kind of experience, please feel free to reach out for a free 20-minute consultation by video chat.  I would also be happy to share this experience with couples. 

Clients are responsible for the costs of the rental, travel, food, activities, supplies, and my daily rate of $500-1000(usd). 3 nights minimum.  Please email me if you are needing to understand the price point given here, or if you are needing some flexibility of the price in order to make this work for you.  

Complimentary offerings: Healing Work, Coaching, Self Care, Sacred Space, Intimacy

Upcoming Events

The Bardot Bellydance Treasury Show

Friday, May 17th from 8-10pm

Bliss Fitness & Health: 4268 Broadway in Oakland

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Past Events

IRIS, Hong Kong’s largest fitness and wellness conference: Talking Mental panel talk about Sleep, Anxiety, and Intimacy

Dance Evolution

Dance Evolution

The Conscious Festival Workshop (Green Is The New Black):

April 13, 2:15-3:15, Hong Kong

~*Goddess Modern Presents*~

An interactive dance play experience, welcoming men and women to enjoy a shared safe and supportive space to explore edges of intimacy and vulnerability through a facilitated group dance experience. Participants will have a chance to be the witness and also be witnessed.
Don’t worry, anyone is welcome to participate in whatever level they are open to. No one will be singled out, or will be required to do anything out of their comfort zone. This said, I invite you to come enjoy and explore new edges within yourself, knowing you are held in a safe container of acceptance, care, and play.
Event location:
The Kerry Hotel
38號 Hung Luen Rd, Hung Hom Bay, Hong Kong
Dockyard Rooftop (level2)
Cost: Free
Let’s talk about sex(uality), intimacy and love! by Women Empowered

Let’s talk about sex(uality), intimacy and love! by Women Empowered

Monday, 4 March 2019
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM HKT
The ThirtySix 23 Hollywood Road #2/F, No
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Could ‘sexuality’ be one of our greatest and most divine powers?

Join us for a night right in Central, Hong Kong where experts will gather to share their years of knowledge around women owning and connecting with themselves, their bodies, expressions and their lives. We will talk about taking the power and ownership of your sexuality (whatever that means to you) back and releasing any victimization which perpetuates disempowerment.

The 4th Garden Gathering

The 4th Garden Gathering

The 4th Garden Gathering
New Moon, December 7-9 2018
Sai Yuen Farm, Cheng Chau Island (30min ferry from Hong Kong)

Pamper & Play in Oakland, CA

Pamper & Play in Oakland, CA

March 2018 in Oakland, CA
Pamper & Play events are created to support nourishing self care and empowerment through activities of body, mind, spirit, creativity and sisterhood.

Women’s Autumn New Moon Medicine Retreat

Women’s Autumn New Moon Medicine Retreat

October 14-18, 2017 in Grass Valley, CA

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