Sacred Spaces – Energy Loves Form and Pattern

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Ritual is an outer expression of pattern and purpose.  It differs from the mundane daily routine or habit. It is a gesture, or an offering, of reverence and reflection.  It creates with intention, and utilizes the inner technology of intuition as well as connection to “The Force” to do so.

Sacred spaces are the containers that we create for our rituals to be performed.  They act as physical anchors that connect us to something greater than ourselves as well as our own heart and soul.  They inspire a creative communion with that energy, and create a channel for manifestation in our lives.

Humans are masters of producing and recognizing patterns. Through creating and living through patterns of success, we are able to flourish in our lives and in the world.  Bring the sacred into your practice and your life through creating a sacred space for your spiritual or creative work to be done.

Energy loves form, it loves containers, and the specific kind of container for the energy will directly influence how the energy is able to move through and express itself. It is a fertile foundation for which energy can be realized.

We are creatures of the Earth, of nature. The elements live through us, through our being, through our expression, regardless of how aware we are of this in our own lives day to day. The earth of our bodies, the fire of our spirit, the air of our breath, the water of our blood, are what holds our spirit into these bodies in Earthly life.

The minerals and elements found within our bodies and within the cosmos – all the same. The more we can interact with these natural elements, the more energized and balanced we become.

Daily interaction with the elements helps us to be connected to the magic within all things, the magic within life. The way our world is set up currently, we have to effort every day to be connected to this magic and to the fact that we are all powerful creative beings and can access that power anytime. Like any skill, this takes awareness, focus, intention, and practice.

OK, back to sacred spaces now.  Maybe it’s an altar or shrine, or maybe it’s an entire room dedicated to a specific purpose. For anyone new to this concept and is unsure of where to start in creating a container for their efforts, here are some questions you can ask yourself to guide your process:

What inspires you? What reminds you of the beauty and intention within yourself and the work you are wanting to create? What personal objects do you have that are meaningful to you in some way? How can you bring an extra layer of creativity into the design of the container? For the work you want to do, what kind of container is best suited to support it?

Some objects I always bring into my “creation station” are candles, crystals, water, sage or incense to burn, and plants. For me, this does well to represent the four elements, as a foundation piece to my sacred space. From there, I will layer on with objects of meaning, which can include pictures of ancestors and teachers, or images of archetypes that support the work I am doing.

Pieces of art, jewelry, and any ‘knick-knacks’ of importance can adorn the sacred space. Objects can also be used to symbolize supportive or meaningful parts of our work. For instance, I can use a single feather to represent my connection to Spirit, or to my connection with birds and what they symbolize for me. The objects chosen are physical representations of us, and even just the process of choosing our objects will be a fun journey of self discovery of our own inner beauty, power, and intention.

Once one has gathered their special objects together, the next step is how to arrange the objects in such a way to produce a feeling for you that will be supportive in the work you are wanting to do. This is where one’s creativity can thrive and play.  Along with your special intention, tap into a feeling of balance, flow, and power, as some of the qualities that will guide the process of arranging.

You will know intuitively along the way what is needed to develop the container, and you will also know when it is complete. When it is done you will likely have a feeling of great satisfaction, as your sacred space will be a direct representation of your ‘inner-awesome’ and of the work you are excited to create. It will be inspiring and you will receive great joy and peace just from looking at it.

Once a physical container is created, it will become the anchor for your daily practice. You can come to it every day, sit with it, reflect with it, meditate, and even ask it for guidance when you get stuck in your process of life. It will be the mirror, reminder, and inspiration of what you are doing and why.

It will help connect you to the spiritual and creative work you are doing, and your love for doing it.  In order to be successful with your sacred space, I suggest daily devotion to spending intentional time with it. Water the “inner-garden” every day for your seeds to grow, and make sure to take the time to enjoy the flowers when in bloom!

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