Speaking just to speak and fill in space creates leaks in one’s energy field.  Speaking just to speak tends to be empty in substance, and is a non-productive use of time for everyone involved in the experience of the speaking and the listening.  The tendency of speaking about concepts which are never backed up by action is disempowering for the speaker, and over time is also a drain for the listener.  Speaking in ways that are judgmental and making others look bad in any way is a drain for everyone involved, and only feeds the indulgences of the under-developed ego and shadow within.  Using the power of speaking to do anything outside of creating positivity is a misappropriation of that precious creative power.

Silence can restore a torn energetic field, and can help redirect the energy through another channel, which is also developed through the silence (for instance, refining the channel of the voice and re-directing the energy through the channel of action/expression in the solar plexus).  Silence puts the over-speaker into a state of listening and receptivity, which helps greatly to heal the imbalance created by one who is not mindful of their speaking – the content, the quantity, or both.  Silence creates reflection, receptivity, it creates depth within a moment and within an exchange.  It creates a slowing down, bringing more mindfulness to making choices that are positive and empowering.

Speak less, listen more.  If we speak less, and let the way we live life be the expression of the concepts we feel we agree with and want to be in alignment with, that is a fundamental way to build our personal supply of power.  Merely speaking about ideas of ways of being that one thinks is positive, yet living in a way that does not reflect that speaking, is not a productive use of time.  Be what we speak, and we heal the disconnect between our thoughts, words, feeling, and actions – the greater alignment of these modes of creating, the more personal power we develop within, and the more conscious we are in our creating, on all levels.

This world is in dire need of conscious creators.  Speak less, listen more.  Be what we speak.