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I Am Who I Want to Be

Thank you for this day.  All of my heart-centered dreams are coming true.  I am who I want to be, and I’m living the life I want to live.  While there will always be goals I am working towards to progress my life forward, I am aware that my life is a process, a journey…

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The Temple of Self

Thank you for this day.  In my core there lives a place where all is well.  This is the temple of self I reside in, which keeps me grounded in my body, my heart, the moment, and dissolves my worries into the light of this truth within me; not in a way of mental escapism,…

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Concealment as a Function of Consciousness

  Thank you for this day. All of my heart-centered dreams are coming true, even beyond what my mind is conscious of. Concealment is a necessary function of consciousness ( as described in Shaivism, a classical form of Tantra). It allows for space within the process of what’s known, which influences one’s journey of self…

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