(Tantra FBSM) Jasmyn’s preferred session! This is a practice of self awareness, self acceptance, self growth, through the senses, stillness, and the grounded presence. Before connection with another can be truly deep and shared, one must know themselves. If knowing the self is established prior to any level of connecting, it will elevate the shared experience to heights of bliss far greater than if not. It is Jasmyn’s hope, that these practices are taken into people’s personal lives to be supportive guidelines to one’s own process of awakening and even more fulfilling intimate relationships. Read Jasmyn’s reviews to see how others have experienced her work!

  • 1.5 hours minimum, starting at $450
  • 2 hours – $600 (2 hours or more is what clients generally book for, and is ideal time lengths for this kind of session)
  • 2.5 hours – $750
  • 3 hours – $900
  • (prices are in USD)