Temple of Venus

A Seasonal Day-long Ritual & Retreat for Women

Spring Equinox

Saturday 3/25, 1-9 pm

Location: Sienna Smith Yoga & Wellness

245 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930

Video Intro and Invite

Together, we create this space to invoke, explore, and honor each woman’s unique expression of The Goddess. 

Together, we get to create and delight in the potent energy of magic and manifestation created when women gather with intention.

Temple of Venus is about women celebrating the expression of The Goddess through the seasons.  The transition of seasons represents our transitions through phases of life.   Cycles, chapters, patterns, peaks and valleys.

The nature and medicine of The Feminine is transformation.

Consciously working with this energy connects us more deeply to ourselves, our lives, nature, community, feminine energy, Spirit.

The ritual, self-care activities, drinks, elixirs, deco, altar, dress, and take-away party gifts will all be themed for Spring, and pulling inspirations from Eastern Medicines, Tarot, Astrology, current moon phase and sign, Venus, creativity, ritual, self-care, dance, and sensuality.

The Moon phase this day will be a waxing crescent which supports growth/new intentions/new projects, and it will be in the sign of Taurus, an Earth element.

Venus is associated with the most prominent female goddess archetypes of all ancient cultures.  She has been given many names over time – Ishtar, Inanna, Aphrodite, to name a few.  Venus will be in the sign of Aires.

Each Temple of Venus event will also feature a special guest, to offer info & inspo in relation to the seasonal theme.

The featured guest for Spring 2023 is Summer Murphy,

a licensed esthetician, in San Rafael.

Summer has been my skincare guru for many years, and I cannot speak enough to the value of her guidance and facials!

To learn more about Summer and her work you can check her out at www.ritualskincarebysummer.com

Also find her on IG @ritualskincarebysummer




Info for your prep. and planning:

  • Share the event with a friend of yours you’d like to enjoy the experience with by sharing the event link with her. (Thank you SO MUCH!)
  • Dress in something that inspires the Goddess of Spring within you.  Think celebratory, feminine, sensual, comfortable, low maintenance, easy to wear for sitting, stretching, and dancing.
  • Bring all food items to cover your needs for the day.  Some drinks and elixirs will be provided.
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a journal and pen
  • Bring a song, poetry, a dance, a piece of music to share if you feel inspired (optional, no pressure)
  • There will be folding chairs, limited cushions, and limited yoga blankets for seating, but if you want to bring a large cushion to sit on the floor for more comfortable sitting options, please do.
  • This is a shoes-off experience, so please plan to either wear comfy slippers or socks. The floors are concrete.
  • Come with an open heart and excitement to share this space with other women, old friends and new ones.  One hope I have for these events  is that it grows our collective sisterhood webs.

This event is supported through a shared agreement to create a solid container together.  Please show up on time and stay for the whole experience.

Arrive at 1.  Circle closes at 9.

(It’s a long day, with a really nice balance of social engagement and inward stillness)

Event itinerary:

Open the circle/begin the Ritual

Meditation & Breathing exercises (video description for the meditation here)

Seated spine exercises (belly dance inspired)

Facilitated group dance experience

Group discussion about feminine energy, health, embodiment, relationships, intimacy, sexuality

Featured guest, Summer Murphy, for guidance on springtime skincare

Facilitated sensual social self-care activity

Open dance, lounge, connect, and play

(click here for a sample playlist we will be dancing to: Temple of Venus)

Close the circle

***Being that we’re still in the global covid haze, I want to ask each participant to do their part to help create a healthy space for us – please be aware of your risk exposure and also take a covid test within 3 days of coming to this event.  If you feel any symptoms at all, please do not come, and we will arrange a refund for you.***

Pre-sale Investment $150, Regular $180

Pre-sale available until March 7 (Full Moon Virgo)

Save the date by buying your ticket here: Buy my ticket!

Thank you so much, I’m so excited to share this experience with you!

2023 Temple of Venus Dates:

Sat March 25

Sat June 24

Sat Sept 23

Sat Dec 23

Another hope I have for creating this yearly series of events is that it becomes a vessel for our growing, consistent, committed sisterhood to support and witness the development, transformation, and empowerment for our dreams and desires into our lives.