The fullness of this moment, it fills me with a great beauty and joy of living.  Here, this moment is.  It has never been, and will never be again.  I pause in this moment to breathe and really take this into my awareness.  Never before, and never again, this moment alive in me now.  What a joyous gift!  How do I receive as such and honor it appropriately?

Simply be in it and enjoy its immeasurable beauty for all that it is.  Receive, accept, surrender, and from there, create.  Oh what a joy it is to create!  To play God through conscious molding of matter.  It originates from with me and ripples out through my expression into the world.  Simply the act of being here is a powerful creative force.  Consciously using my creativity is like wielding a great sword of power.  Skill and conscious right action exalt creativity to it’s highest expression, which is to serve and perpetuate beauty.