Higher-Self, The Temple of Being Truly You

higher self

In the deep core of being there lives a place where all is well.  This is the temple sanctuary of higher-self, which keeps one grounded in body, heart, and the moment.  Disconnection to this higher-self can be experienced as anxiety or depression. 

It’s normal (and to a degree, even healthy and essential for our soul growth) in the human experience to feel far away from this at times, maybe even for years.  One benefit of spiritual and mental wellness practices is that they create pathways for us to find our way to this sanctuary within.  

From within the sanctuary, worries dissolve into the light of truth; not in a way of mental escapism, rather it’s a felt experience of this truth – where underneath all of the emotions about the journey of life, there is a quality of perfection to its unfolding and the developmental journey of our souls.

In this deep core of being is total acceptance of oneself, each other, and the moment.  It’s a place inside that’s free of judgements, and where the playing field is level.  There’s no right or wrong, no good or bad. 

When the mind can surrender into this Supreme Truth and can both honor what is, and reach past all the emotions that can come with life challenges, it helps to create a more peaceful a rooted connection to the moment (which amplifies our conscious creative capacity).

Energetically, connection to this secure core of being creates an inverse flow of energy through the body.  It’s a strong magnetic receptive force, being fed through the deeply still and nourishing feminine energy of creation.  It has a magnetic force in attracting all that is optimally aligned from the external world.

In meditation, try this visualization:

A large inverted triangle, the tip lightly touching the crown of your head.  A strong clear flow of energy, which resembles water, is being funneled down through this triangle, flowing through your body. 

Through the crown of your head, down the spine, it is pooling into the pelvic cavity.  Surrounded by fertile and growing earth, it is the inner well-spring of power, magic, medicine, instinctual and intuitive intelligence. 

It is the place where we are connected to The Mother, the feminine force of love and being that we came from and will return to. It is where we are anchored by Supreme Truth rather than ego truth. 

Ego truth is weak and flimsy, and is highly clever at creating blocks and detours from our connection to Supreme Truth.  One function of ego truth, is that it not only feels good to give into it (and be a self-righteous victim), but it also requires far less effort to be connected to ego truth than the rigors that one undergoes to in order to accomplish Supreme Truth.  

Supreme Truth is the only path for those who those who value freedom.

Ego truth addresses symptoms, Supreme Truth addresses the roots.  

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