Thank you for this day. 

In my core there lives a place where all is well.  This is the temple of self I reside in, which keeps me grounded in my body, my heart, the moment, and dissolves my worries into the light of this truth within me; not in a way of mental escapism, more rather it’s a felt experience of this truth within me.

 In it lies total acceptance of myself and the moment that I am.  The connection to this core of myself where all is well, allows my mind to let go into this truth, which more fully engages my connection to the moment. 

I can feel how it energetically creates an inverse flow of energy through my body.  It’s a strong magnetic receptive force, being fed through the deeply still and nourishing feminine energy of creation.  I can feel it’s force in attracting to me all that is optimally aligned for me from the external world around me.

 In my meditation I’m receiving a visual along with this in which a strong clear flow of energy which resembles water is flowing down my body through the crown of my head, down my spine, and it is pooling into my pelvic cavity, surrounded by fertile and growing earth.  It is my inner well spring of power, magic, and medicine, and intuitive intelligence.