Transformational Work

Transformational work, to me, is any internal process that helps us transition from an old outdated pattern of being to one that is congruent with the truth of who we are currently, or direction we are wanting to go into.  It is a shedding of old skins, a rebirth, a realignment.

I personally have been doing my transformational work since 2001.  Psychedelics and dancing were the gateway into doing so.  From there I dove deep into spiritual practice, creativity, and healing work.  I’m fascinated by the complexities of human psychology, and all that influences our behaviors and patterns.

I spend a lot of time in deep thought, have a genuine curiosity about life and the cosmos, am very empathic, and I enjoy writing about my transformational musings.

I hope you are able to enjoy my content, and perhaps it can give you some interesting food for thought too.  Maybe it can even add some value to your life in some way.

Thank you for your time!

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