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Women’s Empowered Awakening

Feminine Sensual Healing and Massage Sessions

You are cordially invited to enter the radiant temple of your heart, and delight in a sensual experience designed to be all about you connecting to you in a very intimate and sacred way, with the professional and compassionate guidance of Kelley Mountain.  Imagine flowers, candles, delectables and libations, healing tools, music playing, ambient lighting, feathers, silks, and natural aromas of herbs and resins in the air.  The stage is carefully set for you to feel nourished, relaxed, supported, inspired, and open to expanding yourself through this sensually empowering and healing experience.

The session will include sensual and relaxing healing touch massage, meditation, visualization, breath work, crystal healing, deep sharing and focused attention and celebration on the part of you that is so deep, powerful, and sacred, yet has not yet been able to shine through – your sensual feminine self.

This work is about creating space for women to explore, experience, enjoy, and express themselves and their deepest truths of who they are, what they want, what they need, what they have to offer.  It is about helping women to find their voice and learn how to use it.  It is about empowering women to be leaders in their own lives and in their intimate partnerships to help guide the men in how to love them intimately, sensually, physically, with loving patient presence. This work is about giving a woman the experience simply receiving sensual healing touch without the expectation to give in return or to reach a goal.


She gets to relax and have an experience that is all about her, in a very clear, clean, safe, private context.  Many deep personal layers can be accessed through this quality of touch and presence, it can both clear of old traumas held in the body and also energize through activating the body in ways it’s never experienced before.  This sensual power will flood into every aspect of a woman’s being once it is rooted in her own self and sexual energy, and it will radiate out from her core, adding spark and inspiration to all whom she interacts with.

Please read Kelley’s reviews to learn how other people have experience her work.  Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes welcome and honored. Every session is customized to fit the needs and desires of the client – from healing work, to body activation, nourishing sensual touch, sacred exploration, to coaching work. There is no expectation, just presence and the journey.


Feminine Sensual Healing and Massage Session Rates

$450-900 USD

3 hour minimum
Contact me about the range of pricing given here.

Email: inquire@goddessmodern.com
Call via What’s App: +886 970 399 434