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Couples Coaching

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an outside and skilled perspective that can look in and see where communication is needing a bit of support, so it can more accurately express deeper needs and wants, and explore options of adjustments that may need to take place in order to create deeper harmony and fulfillment for the couple.  Sometimes there’s very vulnerable topics that come up and there can be tendency to avoid having to discuss it.  There’s often topics that couples don’t ever broach together, or if done, maybe it’s not in the most supportive and productive ways. 

Fears, doubts, insecurities, and lack of experience, can be debilitative blocks in communications, creating a wall of disconnect that grows over time, and affects intimacy.  Some people find themselves feeling distant from their beloved and not sure how to connect back to them.  There can also be feeling of stagnancy along with uncertainty of how to get the spark back or how to energize the connection.

Communication is the key.


This is where my work comes in.  I’m a guide to help couples explore, discover, and refine their communication and connection, so that it can be a vehicle of creation that can support health, harmony, and longevity. 

I’ve been working, mainly with men in one-on-one sessions, since 2015 in the realms of sensuality, intimacy, and relationship, and I’ve been working with women in healing and empowerment since 2004.  My work is focused on creating a safe inviting space for couple’s to come together and address the topics of their connection that are needing support, and engages the process in a way that creates an opportunity for knowing the self in greater ways, and perhaps healing or transforming patterns of being that greatly limit the potential of one’s experience and the shared love connection. 

My approach is experiential and relaxed, rather than clinical.  It involves meditation, time for open deep sharing, acknowledgments and feedback, and creating space for the density of sensitive topics to be unpacked, sorted out, and seen from a wider point of view so that greater understanding and clarity can be attained.

Clients seek me out for assistance in relationships, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, and communications.  My approach is focused on the self as the central hub that the wheel of life spins around.  The self is the foundation from which all else is built upon.  Self care and self development is the backbone of the work I share. 

Coaching can happen in person or over video chat online.  I offer a free 20-minute consultation by phone to meet and explore the compatibility for potential clients.  If you’re curious and interested to learn more, please feel welcome to reach out via email.  In any case, I wish you well and thriving on your journey to wholeness and success in the life you’re creating with your beloved. 


Couples Coaching Session Rates

$200 USD/hour

$75 for each additional 30 minutes

Call via What’s App: +886 970 399 434

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