Mind Body Spirit

mind body spirit

Mind, body, spirit – Human Being is basically a large sense organ.  We have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual senses.  They receive input from both our internal and external experiences.

The internal gives birth to the external.  Creation originates from inside us as thoughts, feelings ideas, intuitions, inspirations, impulses, and then we give birth to them through our words, actions, and also the creative force of our intentions and feelings.

The mind, body, and spirit is always giving us messages in the language it speaks – symbols and metaphors.  To understand this language, we must first be still, silent, and listen.  Sometimes the messages come through as a very small quiet whisper.  How can we hear the communications if we are so preoccupied, are constantly talking over its voice, or even worse – hearing it and doing the opposite of its guidance?

Be like a sensitive mother or father to this voice, and pick up on the more subtle cues it gives.  Like a child, if this voice is neglected, it will speak louder and louder, and eventually become a tantrum that will be an unavoidable circumstance of health or destructive life challenge.

How does the mind, body, spirit reflect our inner world to us?  How does it mirror the programmed thoughts, feelings, words, and actions we live through and identify with?  This path of listening and following its guidance is a journey of self discovery and mastery.  The more we connect with this journey and refine ourselves, the more our outer world will reflect “The Garden Within.”

We tend to have this idea that the mind is something that lives in our heads, and the body is the rest of us from our neck down.  This is a misconception.  The mind is in our toes, behind our knees, in our belly button, at the nape of our neck, and the tips of our hair, in our joints, it’s everywhere!

Perhaps we tend to experience and relate to the idea that the mind is residing in our heads, because as a species we are traumatized from generations of threats to our physical and emotional safety and security?  In all of our collective recorded history we have (typically) experienced a lack of physical and/or emotional safety and security.

I know in my own journey the themes of feeling grounded, safe, secure in my body are the biggest ones I’ve been working with to heal in my life.  Through my healing work to address it, I have become aware that some of it comes from my own experiences as a child, and some of it is what I’ve inherited from my ancestral line, which experienced a lot of abuse (as most people’s did).

Maybe we are collectively in process of healing ourselves and connecting to the body’s lower centers (chakras), so that we may be fully grounded into our bodies and to this Earth?  From what I can tell, collectively, our history has bred a version of human being that has a lot of wounding in “the roots” and heart.  What kind of world would we be be living in together if we all felt safe and secure in our foundation, and also had hearts full of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness?

Maybe our reference for the mind is a passed down understanding of it, from our previous misinformed generations?  The body and mind are described as two sides of the same coin, in texts and practices of the ancient ones – who seem to have many of the answers to the problems we face today.

What does one do to unify the mind, body, and spirit?  There are many paths to this purpose.  From what I can tell, the main consistencies are restful sleep, healthy eating, regular movement, meditation, breathwork, connection to something greater, healthy relationships, healthy activities, creative outlets, a sense of meaning, adventure and risks, joy and service.

The mind/body/spirit is affected by the seen and unseen forces of life, whether one is conscious of it or not.  Through the very way we live day in and day out, we create a physical expression of it in our health and well being.

Ritual is a very effective way to tend to the spiritual aspect of ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be an overly elaborate experience.  It can be very simple.  Whatever extra creative intentional energy one is inspired to create the ritual with will only enhance its power.  The basics are clear intentions, and expression of them through thoughts, feelings, and/or words and actions, along with a commitment to live in accordance with the intentions.

Ritual implies that it is an offering or gesture that is done repeatedly within a time span (1x/year, month, week, day).  Prayer is a powerful ritual.  All of this is what creates a channel of communion with something greater than ourselves.  Creativity is another mode of communion with the divine.

When it comes to the body, and in my own experience and also through my work, I have seen that this is the area where we are most greatly confronted with our addictions that are ultimately a disservice to ourselves.  Whether it be foods, substances, activities, relationships, behaviors, this is the biggest block for people experiencing their optimal state of health, well-being, and happiness. (Again, another topic for its own blog at some point).

Therefore, I feel that by living a truly balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life we can be actively and positivity engaged in our journey in the union and development of mind/body/spirit. In so doing, eventually we will collectively produce a future where children are born into a world that is ready to support them into being fully embodied instruments for the Garden of Eden to be restored on Earth.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where parents are healthy, conscious, and know how to love in ways that feel loving for their children to receive.  How much farther the human race would be if we weren’t struggling in our foundation and learning that we are lovable and worthy. (A topic for another blog sometime…)

The way I see it, our mind is the most influential of all the aspects of ourselves, because what we believe to be true is what informs our narratives that run our operating systems that we create our lives through.  Even a subtle shift in our perception can illuminate vast options, choices, potentials, opportunities, experiences, outcomes.  The state of our mind determines how we are going to relate to ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I think that  that humanity has been collectively challenged with mental illness for at least as long as our records go back for.  Healthy minded people don’t create the kind of history we have.  The history we have (and the current operating systems) reflect a severe mental illness plaguing not only the people, but even more importantly, those in positions of authority over the people who are governing how life goes for its people.

Often when it comes to the limitations of the mind, it’s about exploring what identity needs to be released and transformed so we may adopt one that best suits us in a way that feels optimal for our thriving self to be living here now and moving forward?

If we can see it, then we can be it.  If we can feel it, we can live it.

What does it look and feel like to be in optimal health?

What does it look and feel like to be happy?

What does it look and feel like to be successful and fulfilled?

Take these seeds and plant them into the Garden Within.  Tend them daily, moment to moment, with the water of our feeling, the air of our thoughts, and the fire of our actions.

Over time, more and more, they grow and become us, alive in each moment – radiant health, happiness, and success.

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