Temple of Venus (private event)

Sweet Sister, it delights me to invite you in joining a curated day-long women’s forest retreat.  This is the progressed incarnation of my Temple of Venus women’s seasonal rituals I hosted in 2023 (those seasonal events are taking on another evolution of their own, more soon…).

This is a friends and friends-of-friends only private event, at a private property.  It is a closed container, so we are all arriving and departing at the same time.  Space is limited to 18 women.

As part of my love for networking, I’ve created a private FB TOV group for us to keep connected, and also to share the creative and professional offerings of our hearts (without spamming).  I hope we can all connect there, share, and learn more about each other!

Lagunitas, Marin County, CA

Saturday May 18, 12-7:30pm

Yes, it’s a very long day of luscious, nurturing, and nourishing pamper and play!  There will be a balance of inward connection, social connection, self-care, and creative expression.

Your best bet to enjoy this long experience is to plan the time leading into it mindfully, by getting a good nights rest, packing the day before, and keeping general stresses to a minimum.

12pm arrival, 7:30 departure

Arrival and settle in (20 mins)

Circle Time (2 hours)

Spa (2 hours)

Dinner (1 hour)

Talent Share (1 hour)

Close (20 mins)

*time is built into the day to make the flow from one section to the other feel relaxed, and there’s also physical spaces we will be migrating through which will add time*

*please be on time for 12pm arrival

  • Circle Time – opening, intro’s/share, meditation, facilitated sensuality salon, song circle (bring easy songs we can all sing together).  The facilitated sensuality salon is where I will be guiding us through a social self-care experience using sensual stimulations to “feed the goddesses of the senses.” (Shaivism reference, classical Tantra).  This is not working with sexual energy, to be clear.
  • Spa – pool (not heated), hot tub, sauna, open lounge and social, mini massage sessions (20mins, optional, prepay/prebook).  Massages will be available for up to 5 people at 20mins, $40, during this 2 hour window.  Closer to event if there’s more time available those booked can opt for more massage time.  Whitney Cameron (aka Whitney Francesca) is offering her healing touch massages for those of you who can benefit from a lil’ retreat from the retreat, and enjoy full receiving mode.  Book and pay for your massage while buying your entry into this event, or sign up day of if there’s space available.  Her IG @morph2rise.
  • Dinner – garden setting, catered by Comforts,  begin with Esther Perel game (not playing the whole game, rather just using the cards as prompts for intimate sharing) and end with open share/chatting.
  • Talent Share/Open Dance – What I’m calling forth here is an opportunity, for those who are called, to share an inspired offering.  For some of us it will be a familiar place of expressive comfort, and for some of us it may be a vulnerable edge to safely explore.  Participation is yours to choose – participate through your offering or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of what others are sharing. My hope is that this gets to be a safe & sweet experience of giving and receiving, witnessing and being witnessed.  (please limit to about 5mins, can do more than one if time permits) Song, poetry, spoken word, a joke, a piece of music, dance, etc.  Meadow stage, lighting, mic and amp available.  I will play (off playlist) at least 2-3 songs for us to dance to complete this section. TOV Playlist
  • Close


Water bottle (not glass)

Towel for pool/shower

Layers for weather changes

Yoga mat and/or cushion for Circle Time

Any snacks or drinks you want

Comfort’s catered dinner:

Frittata Mediterranean

Polenta spinach bake

Grill rosemary chicken

Roasted brussels  w/capers

Main garden salad

Property Notes:

the well – look don’t touch please

no kids, no dogs

shower before and btwn hot tub/pool/sauna

no fragrances in the pool/hot tub/sauna

bring own towel for pool/shower, sauna towels provided

clothing optional during spa time

sauna and hot tub 3ppl at a time max

hot tub heated, cleaned, no chems

drinking water provided

10 pool chase lounges

Sliding scale: $165-195, Venmo @GoddessModern

Your Venmo Details (You’ve got this!): please leave your email in the notes along with who your friend is if you were invited by anyone other than myself, location info given once your Venmo is received/contact verified and few days before the event,  & please pay for your massage at same time and I will connect you with Whitney for scheduling.