Make friends with the unexpected, and celebrate its intervention as a gift from Spirit.  Create empowering relationships with the chaotic and sudden curve balls life has to offer.

Trust in the flow, and if the current is blocked, tap into intuitive guidance within, and proceed where there is a channel of flow available.  If time is available for this process, take advantage of it, and if not, well, sometimes you just have to choose and take a leap of faith.  It’s thrilling!  And terrifying!  Soak in the aliveness of such moments!

Allow for The Mystery to make its way into life and guide to an even more optimal terrain for desires to flourish.  While waiting for clarity to reveal itself, completely abandon the situation at hand, and spend time in nourishing solitude, activities, and connections.  Remember, that each of us is life, nature, and that the energy of nature simply wants to thrive and will find a way to do so through us.  The keys – surrender to the unexpected, be courageous to reflect on the self and areas in need of developing, strength of will to make corrections needed, and trust where the outcome will lead to.  Oh yeah – and enjoy the journey along the way!  Doing so keeps us connected to gratitude, trust, surrender, and is simply just way more fun than being a stick in the mud.

Sometimes we can see the gems of the unknown quickly, and sometimes it can take years.  Yet, they are always there, patiently waiting to be illuminated by the light of our awareness.  It’s more that our perception has it’s own timing of allowing the gems to reveal themselves, which is greatly influenced by the state of one’s ego.