Life’s Challenges – Unexpected Chaos is Our Friend

Life's Challenges

This isn’t the kind of friendship that feels cozy and comforting.

It’s not supporting you in being stagnant in your own blind spots, denial, and delusions by agreeing with all the narratives you tell yourself and others in order to keep small, retain security, and eliminate fears through the bandaids of other people, places, situations, things, or external forms of stability that distract you from being the highest expression you’re destined for.

This is the kind of friendship that has your back so fiercely that it is willing to help strip you of your false known comforts in order to align you with the truth of your heart and soul path.  Its’s not really the kind of friend you want to hang out with every weekend, but it’s the kind of friend you need to have a good sit down with every long once in a while.

It’s the kind of friend that when you look back to the past and review all of it’s sharp sudden influences, twists of fate that led to new chapters and greater alignments, you think, “damn that really F-ing sucked, I’m go freakin’ grateful it happened, and so much of what’s good in my life now is because of it.”

Make friends with unexpected chaos and life’s challenges.  Build faith and trust that its intervention is a gift from Spirit.  It doesn’t mean you have to make yourself feel good about it.  It’s about resourcing a deeper felt sense of trust and faith that is beneath the feelings about it, at the core of your being.

It’s a core for you to be tethered to and anchored down by, when the fated winds of change blow your way, and life’s challenges require a new skill set of creative problem solving.

“Be like water.”  Bruce Lee

Trust in the flow.  All that we experience in the moment is “The Flow.”  It’s the current of the moment, and it affirms to us when we are in alignment with it, and when we aren’t.  Sometimes it’s very clear and easy to recognize, and others it can require more investigative efforts.

For the purpose of this article I’m focusing on the more sudden unexpected changes and challenges that catch us off guard and most often lead to chaos, resulting in some really hard and natural human feelings.

Our feelings are absolutely valid, however they won’t magically alter the flow into the direction we desire.  It’s helpful to dive deep into the practice of surrender and acceptance, do a lot of self-care, meditation, and mindfulness work to move through the challenging feelings of unwanted change or challenge.

If the current of opportunity or a path forward is blocked, tap into the intuitive guidance within, seek help from others, be patient, and proceed where there is a channel of flow available.

Sometimes the only channels open to flow are not ones that we desire.  Give yourself a moment to have your process, and then boss up.  If they are the only channels open to flow, then do your work to adjust your thinking and fit yourself into those channels.  Sometimes, these moments in life are not the times to be picky.

You do what you can to work the best within your means and max out on the channels of opportunity available and you make it work, even if it means a drastic change to your life in some way.  In fact, to boss up means that you not only make it work, you choose to create the condition for you to thrive within in it, to the very best of your ability.

It’s very important to give space for the human experience, and it’s also a fine line of when it reaches into over-indulgence in it, and getting stuck in victimhood.  Be the inner-parent to the inner-child as needed, and then also listen to the inner-task master and let it guide the way forward through your efforts.

Often there’s an oscillation between the two for some time.Be gentle with yourself and give the time you need and prioritize excellent sleep.If time is available for this process, take advantage of it.  If not, well, sometimes you just have to choose and take a leap of faith.

It’s thrilling!  And terrifying!  Soak in the aliveness of such moments!

Allow for The Mystery to make its way into your life and guide you to an even more optimal garden for desires to flourish.  While waiting for clarity to reveal itself, abandon the situation at hand (if you can), and spend time in nourishing solitude, activities, and connections.

Remember, that each of us is life, nature, and that the force of nature is simply to thrive, and it will find a way to do so through us, if we let it.  Life is conspiring with us for our greatest success.  If we are led into failures it is the work of our mind and ego, consciously or subconsciously.  Luckily, our mind and ego is an aspect of ourselves we can heal, transform, grow, and refine.

The keys – surrender to the unexpected and to what is out of your control, and be courageous to reflect on the self and areas of life in need of developing.  Have the strength of will to make corrections needed.  Trust where the outcome will lead to.

Self-care, self-care, self- care.

Reach out for professional support if needed, and ideally even from multiple modalities (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).  Invite your friends and family to support you on the journey.

Create intentional moments of connection each day to the Higher Power of your choice, and use the power of your word to pray and manifest.  Ritual is a very powerful way to create in collaboration with the unseen realms (hint, in order for them to assist they must be invited to do so).

Sometimes we can see the gems of the unexpected shifting sands quickly, and sometimes it can take years.  Yet, they are always there, patiently waiting to be illuminated by the light of our awareness.  It’s more often that our perception has its own timing of choosing to see, which is greatly influenced by the state of one’s ego.

I’ve been working as a guide in holistic and spiritual arts for about 20 years, and I’ve had a lot of experience navigating the unknown.  Still, there’s the human experience, however with dedicated cultivation over many years I’ve developed a deep connection of trust and faith to myself and my life, and I’m honored to help others to do the same.

If your interested in receiving this kind of support to weather the storm of life’s challenges, and want to explore the idea further, you’re welcome to book a free 30min call with me here:

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