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Feminine Energy, Awakening Sensuality, and Healing with Pleasure

Women, you are cordially invited to The Goddess Modern temple, in downtown Mill Valley, CA.

“After receiving a LunaSensia Session, my femininity was nourished on a cellular level and I felt like I had received a beauty treatment for my spirit.”  S.M., Bay Area, CA

Sensuality, in my work, is a celebration of The Feminine. 

Sensuality and pleasure offer healing benefits, an immediate reset, and also creates space for an ongoing blossoming to unfold in a way that feels easeful, vital, and naturally magnetic.

I want to care for you because you deserve nothing less than to rest in rejuvenated wholeness.  Under my care, you will delight in a nourishing and healing experience through a multi-sensory experience, body/mind/spirit.

This journey is created and supported for you, by me, in a professional and compassionate container. 

Flowers, candles, herbal elixirs, fruits, healing tools, music, ambient lighting, feathers, silks, and natural aromas of herbs and resins in the air, the stage is carefully set for you to feel relaxed, supported, inspired, and open to expanding yourself through receiving the medicinal beauty and benefits of feminine energy through sensuality.

This is not a sexual experience.


  • 1 hour/$180
  • 1.5 hours/$270
  • 2 hours/360
  • Half Day Retreat (4 hours)/$720
  • Full Day Retreat (8 hours)/$1440

***I am open to a sliding scale model for people who need help on that aspect in order to engage with my work.  If you are needing this assistance, please email me directly at***

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“Kelley has helped me through the stress of a graduate program, relationship issues, grief and the difficult process of letting go, as well as developing an intimate connection to my body through so many methods: movement instruction, massage, herbal tinctures and nutrition guidance, introducing me to the healing practice of collage, and also suggesting helpful meditations for self-inquiry. She is a powerful force of compassion, which comes through strongly in the calm, attentive way she listens to people and offers spot-on insights and suggestions. Kelley is an inspiration in her devotion to self-development and the way she infuses her dance, art, and counseling with profound spiritual depth.”   B. Fitzgerald, Ithaca, NY


These sessions begin with an optional tarot reading, followed by a relaxing healing touch massage, meditation, visualization, breathwork, crystal healing, deep sharing, focused attention, sound healing, discovery and celebration of your unique sensual feminine essence (all dependent on duration length of the session).

Combining 20 (+) years of training, work experience, and personal development through Chinese herbal medicine, shamanic healing techniques, ritual, and as a sensuality guide since 2015, I have created a unique bodywork experience, designed for women to receive in ways that deeply nourish their feminine energy (Yin).

“Nourishing The Yin” is essential for a woman’s overall health, happiness, vitality, and longevity. It is an aspect of our health and well-being that is most often not addressed by other medical systems, even natural/holistic ones.  Chinese medicine is one of the main lenses that informs me of how to work with my clients.  

“The Yin” of the world is in desperate need for empowerment and restoration, and that is where my work comes in.  This offering addresses it through a woman’s body, senses, awareness, expression, and the simple pleasure of being taken care of.

While this work is wonderfully effective for any woman to receive, it is especially supportive for women who are pre-menstrual, menstruating, menopausal, mothers, professionals, high-functioning multitaskers, are hyper-active in their masculine energy, feeling challenged with letting go and receiving, and whom fulfills many roles to others.  Many women, are most of these at once, and are in need of “nourishing the yin” to keep healthy, balanced, and happy.

These sessions will not only leave you feeling relaxed, nourished, pampered, and inspired, you will also be given guidance for your specific needs of how to create harmony in your life and relationships through nutrition, herbs and supplements, lifestyle practices, self-care, spiritual development, sensuality, transformational work, and relationships/intimacy.  


“Up to the point I met Kelley, my emotions were tied up in a knot.  Through her LunaSensia sessions they quickly began to unwind.  My senses were awakened once again to the beauty and art of receiving sensual healing touch, and sensory pleasure.

Over the last year I’ve been working with Kelley, she has shown me that sensuality and pleasure are to be celebrated, not condemned.  After every session I’ve had with her, I have the strong desire to share my excitement with others.  It’s like I’m high on some kind of happy drug, and I want to evangelize her sessions to the world.  They have been nothing short of cathartic for me.” S. B., Bay Area, CA



“I met Kelley through a mutual friend and was blown away by her compassion, true kindness, and the time she spent with me. She’s a phenomenal listener and an intuitive healer, with a big heart. From the moment I saw her I knew my session was going to be so healing. We worked together for maybe 2-2.5 hours and it never felt rushed. She gave me practices to do after our session and even brought a crystal that I bought from her because she thought it would add to my healing. I’m really grateful to have met her. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future.”                                     R. Freidman, Bay Area, CA


Please read Kelley’s reviews to learn how other people have experience her work.  

There is no expectation, just presence and the journey.


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