Terra Soul Circle – Spring Equinox

Terra Soul Circle

A Seasonal Ritual for Women

Spring Equinox

Saturday 3/23, 1-5pm

(arrive on time please, make time for traffic/parking/walking)

Location: Sienna Smith Yoga & Wellness

245 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930

9 spaces available, an intimate circle

Together, we create this space to invoke, explore, and honor each woman’s unique expression of The Goddess through the seasons. 

Together, we get to create and delight in the potent energy of magic and manifestation created when women gather with intention.

The transition of seasons represents our transitions through phases of life.  Cycles, chapters, patterns, peaks and valleys.

Consciously working with this energy connects us more deeply to ourselves, our lives, nature, community, feminine energy, Spirit.

What you can expect:

  • An inviting and safe container to gather with women, slow down, feel, witness and be witnessed, deeply share and listen
  • A luxurious amount of time to co-create sacred intentional space together, tune into the guidance of your heart and soul, path,  purpose, and passion
  • Facilitated opening of the circle, calling in guiding energies, setting intentions, sharing prayers and dreams, reflecting on this Spring Equinox themes, meditation, pulling cards, journaling, sound exploration and song sharing, closing of the circle
  • If time permits we will enjoy some gentle stretching/movement, and play Esther Perel’s game, “Where do we begin.”
  • Receive a small ritual kit to take home with you, along with generous discounts from local women owned businesses in support of your physical, spiritual, and sensual development

How this would benefit you:

  • Nourish your feminine energy
  • Connect you to where you’re at in your journey at this time, and empower your creative energy to manifest the best outcomes for the winter season ahead
  • Learn one way to create ritual for yourself, through this guided experience, let it inspire your own creativity in developing your pathway of communion and communication with yourself and your own life
  • Explore the creative power or your words, intentions, prayers
  • Receive support, inspiration, insights, wisdom from the energy of the women together
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Explore and give power to your voice and your womb
  • Explore your connection to the unseen realms of life, and potentially begin an ongoing relationship to it
  • Tend to the deeper aspects of yourself that our normal daily grind does not have time for
  • Create meaningful connections with other women
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Learn the most supportive self-care practices during this upcoming spring equinox

There are 9 spots available, please DM me if you’re interested 🙂

Info for your prep. and planning:

  • Investment $70-85 sliding scale, Venmo @GoddessModern (***please leave your email to receive any event info/updates)
  • Share the event with a friend of yours you’d like to enjoy the experience with by sharing the event link with her. (Thank you SO MUCH!)
  • Dress in something that inspires the Goddess of Winter within you.  Think celebratory, feminine, sensual, comfortable, low maintenance.
  • I will provide a spring time herbal tea, but please bring your own drinking water and snacks
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a journal and pen
  • There will be back-jacks, yoga blankets for seating, but if you want to bring a large cushion to sit on the floor for more comfortable sitting options, please do.
  • This is a shoes-off experience, so please plan to either wear comfy slippers or socks.
  • Come with an open heart and excitement to share this space with other women, old friends and new ones.  One hope I have for these events  is that it grows our collective sisterhood webs.

***This event is supported through a shared agreement to create a solid container together.  Please show up on time and stay for the whole experience.  Leading up to the event please plan in ways that supports you staying for the whole experience and having ample energy for it.

***Traffic and Parking info***  Please account for weekend traffic to Marin in your planning, and also for needing to find parking in the area that doesn’t have a time limit.  Important to account for this extra time so you can be  on time for this event.

***Being that we’re still in the global covid haze, I want to ask each participant to do their part to help create a healthy space for us – please be aware of your risk exposure and also take a covid test within 3 days of coming to this event.  If you feel any symptoms at all, please do not come, and I will arrange a refund for you.***

Investment sliding scale $70-85

Save the date by buying your ticket here:

Venmo @GoddessModern, and *please leave your email*

Thank you so much, I’m excited and honored to share this experience with you!

2024 Terra Soul Circle Dates:

Sat March 23

Sat June 22

Sat Sept 21

Sat Dec 21

I have created a private FB group for TSC participants to stay connected and continue sharing the manifestations that we create through these rituals we perform together.  It will be a container where the ritual work gets to continue growing and inspiring each other’s process.