Women’s Collage Circles

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Women’s Collage Circles (private and hosting at yours)

It’s a journey of the soul, reflected through imagery.

I am happy to offer collage circles as a private event for 1:1 or small groups.  It’s a nourishing way to inspire big life transitions, deep inquiry, mark celebrations, commune with The Divine, tune in deeply to the heart and soul, and is supportive for women of any age.

  • Hosting at yours
  • 6 hours event time, plus 1.5 hours set up/break down
  • I provide collage supplies, and feel free to bring your own
  • I curate the experience to your intention
  • I facilitate the ritual container to inspire the intentions and provide ritual items
  • I provide herbal elixirs to match the theme of your intention
  • You provide the foods/drinks your guests will most enjoy

I set the space with candles, herbs to smudge with, essential oils, music, and other special herbs that help open creative channels.  Intention setting, prayers, songs, girl-talk, playful jokes, witty banter, dance/stretch breaks, and deep sharing fill the space within the circle. 

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If you are interested to learn more about setting up a collage circle for you or for a group, please reach out to me to explore the idea together. I would be delighted to create collage with you and your tribe!

Collage is an art form that is very mysterious, magical, and revelatory.  It speaks to our multi-dimensionality of being, pulling information from our past, present, future, from within ourselves and from other sources (e.g. God, Spirit, Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Allies.).

One image is layered with other images around it, all of them unfolding to us a story of power, beauty, wisdom, strength, values, desires, and dreams. I like to think of collage making as creating ones own personal Tarot card, as like the Tarot, collage uses symbols to communicate.

Life is full of symbolic communications, we just need to have the awareness to see, hear, and feel these ways that life is always speaking to us. Understanding this language of life and listening to it is a skill that is learned and refined through practice, like any other skill.  Creativity is a wonderfully nourishing way to practice and grow.


I have been creating collage art since 2003. It is a main outlet for my artistic expression, and is both a way of giving myself personal therapy, play, and also as a form of journaling. It is one of my rituals of self discovery and empowerment.  I absolutely love sharing ritual collage making circles with other women!

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