Creating through the Masculine and Feminine Energies

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There are two sides of the creation coin – the Masculine and the Feminine (Yang/Yin). They are both essential aspects of creation, and one depends upon the other in order for there to be a truly harmonious and effective desired outcome.

These forces play out in infinite ways across the planet, of which all life forms and natural patterns are subject to some kind of configuration in order to be sustained.  The meaning of masculine and feminine go beyond our physical anatomy and personality types.

They are creative forces we are wielding daily, and we all embody them to some degree physically and energetically.  They are complimentary opposites, and each of them have their own qualities of production.

Creating through the balanced masculine and feminine energies within us is more and more a concept emerging out into the new age mainstream mindset.  We have been bred to think the only way to create in our lives is to “go-go-go”, and that only constant action creates our desires to manifest.  This way of being clearly has its place in life, however it’s only one side of the creative coin.

I feel that as we evolve our creativity to include a balance of the masculine and feminine, that we will inspire a more healthy and harmonious way of life, individually and collectively.

Over time we humans grow into new levels of awareness, desires, needs, and values.  The ways we create in our lives needs to reflect the more progressive operating systems that are appropriate to that growth.  Otherwise, staying in the old operating systems ends up back firing on us in various ways, leading to burn-out, deficiencies, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, and in general a less fulfilled life.

In nature, there is a natural cycling between, and balancing of, feminine and masculine energies.  We are part of nature, and have our own way we experience these energies within us.  I think it is important for us to develop our inner technology, to gauge when it is the most appropriate time to be working in one mode rather than the other.

Harmonizing between them, creates union – which we experience as optimal health and well being, while progressing in relationships and life goals.  This union is perfectly symbolized by the ancient Chinese symbol, Yin/Yang –  the white and the black halves of the circle, spiraling around each other, with each one carrying a small piece of the other within it.

The masculine creative energy is the side we are most familiar with, experientially, even if not yet conceptually.  It’s the action part of creation.  It’s the leg work needed to get things done.  It’s our efforts that we put out into the world through our thinking, speaking, acting, doing, making.

A balanced Masculine creative energy has clear direction and aims all  effective efforts towards it.  It comes from a point of origin within oneself that desires to contribute to the highest good through passion, service, and purpose.  It desires to empower others, rather than dominate.

It has the strength and perseverance to gracefully adjust with obstacles presented, and keep on track with all needed steps along the path of manifesting.  It seeks out training, education, and guidance as needed along its path.  It shows great dedication to its craft and service, and above all is humble in it’s desires to create for common good.

The masculine energy is channeled through structures or systems for an intention to manifest (structures and systems are aspects of the feminine).  All sources of pure inspirations, guidance, and ideas, come from a source greater than just one’s own personal desire.

The ego is merely a personality vehicle to drive a creation into being in this world, for the benefit of the whole.  A balanced, mature, refined masculine energy creates with an equal balance of power and humility.

An imbalanced expression of the masculine leads to ‘burning the candles at both ends’, ‘hitting a wall’, and potentially anxiety and depression.  The imbalanced masculine can be often up at all hours of the night, as a lifestyle, slaving away to the work to be done, and further depleting the feminine forces (rest, stillness, quiet, contemplation, intuition, nourishment) within oneself.

The imbalanced masculine will tend to seek solutions that are mainly focused on how one’s own ego can gain without care or consideration of how they truly effect the whole.  The ego is very sneaky in our thoughts and choices.  Be aware!

The feminine is the aspect of creation that is gaining attention.   It is the aspect of creation that is mysterious, still, silent, intuitive, insightful, present.  It is the great mystery, the void, the unknown.  It is an aspect of life and creation that is uncomfortable for many people.  Control, clarity, and activity is what many are more familiar with.

The feminine creates a desired outcome through stillness, receptivity, the unknown, and letting go.  It requires a deeper sense of trust than the masculine does, I feel, because it’s based more on energetics than it is actions, so it’s more experiential and less tangible.

The balanced feminine creative awareness realizes when there is no more effort to be done externally.  From this position, one releases the need to take action on the project at hand, and they choose to replenish their creative well with activities like self care, play, and enjoyment.

The balanced feminine knows that stillness is essential to productivity and accomplishment, and makes time for silent inquiry and listening.

This person is healthy, well rested, vital, present, and connected to their joy in life.  This person acknowledges a flow of life guiding their way, and knows when to conceal or contract their energy inward.  There is a strong connection to intuition and guidance, and a deep knowing without needing to be in control and clear of all details – the why’s and how’s.

Imbalanced feminine is tired from too much energy output and not enough sufficient energy input.  This person lacks health and vitality, presence and fulfillment, trust and faith.  Imbalanced feminine feels disconnected from the web of life, because the link of communication is not being activated and exercised (which come with the fruits of intentional silence and stillness).

There is too much focus and control given away on the external reality to determine one’s inner state of being, which leads to doubt, despair, anxiety, fears, and depression.  Typically, a person will have an imbalance in both of these creative forces at the same time, since it tends to be more of a chronic issue that over time will be excessive or depleting in both energies, in one way or another.

Imbalanced feminine energy can also come up in the personality types that are always caring for others yet rarely care for themselves, to where the outflow of energy is far greater than the inflow of energy.

The imbalanced feminine struggles with the unknown and will relentlessly spin out in mental processing that continually leads to the same points of clarity, even to the effect of not being able to sleep through the night because the mind is so active.

In my own experience, I have learned to refine my inner guidance to let me know when it is most effective and appropriate to create through one or the other, feminine or masculine.

I have gone through so many cycles of tapping out these energies, leading me to great points of doubt, fears, despair, hitting a wall from which there’s no where else to go, and experiencing the anxiety that floods in from that place of feeling stuck and disconnected.

In that place I am frantically asking myself, “What more can I do?”, while at the same time feeling that I’ve done all I can do, and feeling frustrated that I feel cut off from the stream of clarity of the next tasks to line up and complete.

It took some time for me to realize that my feelings of anxiety and not knowing what more to do, was my inner technology at work, reflecting to me that it’s time to switch my creative energy to operate through the feminine and give the masculine a rest.

It’s in those times where I shift into what I can be doing in my life for pleasure and enjoyment, that are totally unrelated to any degree of career productivity.  It’s in those times that I spend with loved ones, get out into nature, do more creativity and play.  Having fun, enjoying life, and self-care practices, and healthy relationships are powerfully supportive, and in fact, are essential aspects of creating.

I know for me, often times when I am in this feminine mode of creating and give my projects space, I receive great clarity, wisdom, insight, inspiration of the next steps to come. This will then be the fuel I burn when I flip back into the masculine mode of creating, as they will guide the next action steps to move things forward tangibly.

What’s also fun about this whole topic for me, is that the way I see it, we are mere children in terms of our creative capacity.  We are collectively just waking up now to our inherent nature as powerful creators, and while the action piece of creation will always be present, I am excited to also see what becomes manifested through the intentional use of the feminine.

In fact, I feel that in order for balance and harmony to be achieved collectively, we will be required to become more masterful in striking the balance within these energies within each of us individually.

A piece of wisdom that has come to me and keeps me feeling safe, connected, and supported through this creative journey – “I am pure life.  I am pure nature.  The nature of nature is to thrive, even in the most unexpected places with adverse conditions, nature finds a way.  The undeveloped ego/will/creative forces will be what lays my pitfalls.

Even still, while that is simply a part of being a human, I am always connected to nature thriving.  When I get out of my own way, life will find a way, and all will be well.  It may not be the perfect idea of what I originally desired, but it will all be well, and perhaps even better than the outcome I was striving to reach.”

“When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.”

Meister Eckhart

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