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Self Care

Self-care is one of Kelley’s most favorite specialties that she enjoys in her own life, and is able to offer inspiration and assistance to others to do the same in theirs.  Self-care is the physical efforts created as a foundation for self-growth, healing, awakening, creativity, work, and life to thrive off of.  Self-care is work.  It requires time, space, and commitment, daily.  Luckily though, it’s work that produces immediate results, catering well to our culture of immediate gratification. An act of self-care will always lead to a person feeling positive, to an even greater degree than was felt before the act was created.  Kelley’s work helps to educate and coach people into creating self-care as a daily ritual of devotion to self and spirit.



Self Care Coaching

Self-care coaching – Are you ready to invest in and prioritize deepening your relationship to yourself?  Are you feeling it would be supportive to have some guidance and inspiration to get started?  It can be a challenge to let go of the patterns that we really like, yet that don’t serve our intention of optimal health and well-being.  Trust me, I know!  My self-care coaching can fuel you with inspiration that speaks directly to your own needs, desires, and interests, while helping you navigate the road blocks that can often arise when embarking on a new journey.  I can guarantee that once you get into your new self-care routine, you will feel a renewed sense of fulfilled joy in yourself and your life.  Coaching happens by phone, online, and in person.  The time is filled with creating a sacred moment for your intentions and inspirations, followed by my counsel on your current process, and includes some facilitated meditation, visualization, breathing and movement exercises. 

Please email inquire@goddessmodern.com regarding interest for further information.