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Self Care

Self Care is one of my most favorite specialties that I enjoy in my own life, and am able to offer inspiration and assistance to others to do the same in theirs.  It is the prime backbone support of my life – the physical efforts I create as a foundation for my self growth, healing, awakening, creativity, work, and general life to thrive off of.  Self care is work, it requires time, space, and commitment, daily.  Luckily though, it’s work that produces immediate results, catering well to our culture of immediate gratification. 

I can say with all confidence, that an act of self care will always lead to a person feeling positive, to an even greater degree than was felt before the act was created.  Self care can take form in many variations.  General forms that will be common for all people are going to be eating healthy nutrition, daily exercise and activity, a restful sleeping pattern, creating positive relationships, and contributing to the world in ways that are supportive.

In all my years of consulting people in wellness, the most often used excuses as to why a person can’t achieve self care in these ways is that they don’t have time, eating healthy is too expensive, and they don’t have the motivation.  The thing is, when it comes to self care, or any commitment we struggle with, there will always be an easily accessible plethora of excuses as to why we cannot align with the commitment. 

The truth is, that our minds are very clever at justifying to ourselves why we must continue on with the addictions in our lives that keep us where we are at and prevent us from moving forward into healthier happy people.


Engaging with self care will most certainly bring a person up against their self imposed mental constructs which limit their beliefs as to why they are not in control of their life choices, and why they are a victim to an external force influencing the way their life is. The path of empowerment is about taking one’s power into their own hands and understanding that the gift of choice is a tool of power that will carve a life. The condition of that tool will directly affect the quality of life being created through it.

My work helps to educate and coach people into creating self care as a daily ritual of devotion to self, so that the self can be a stable foundation for all of life to grow upon and be supported by. If you feel like you need support with understanding more about self care and its benefits, and you feel the need for some assistance in designing a daily ritual of self care in your life, feel free to reach out for a free minute consultation by phone.


Self Care Coaching Rates

$150/hour USD

by phone or video chat